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  1. Jinan Dining Table 2.4m
    Jinan Dining Table 2.4m

    R16 999

    Save R3 000

  2. Zoe Dining Table 2.4m
    Zoe Dining Table 2.4m

    R20 399

    Save R3 600

  3. Zoe Dining Table 3m
    Zoe Dining Table 3m

    R25 499

    Save R4 500

  4. Mokka Bench 1.5m
    Mokka Bench 1.5m

    R3 399

    Save R600

  5. Mokka Bench 1.8m
    Mokka Bench 1.8m

    R3 799

    Save R700

  6. Trevor Sideboard
    Trevor Sideboard

    R16 099

    Save R2 900

  7. Jinan Coffee Table
    Jinan Coffee Table

    R7 599

    Save R1 400

  8. Zekie Coffee Table
    Zekie Coffee Table

    R4 599

    Save R900

  9. Jester Lamp Table
    Jester Lamp Table

    R1 199

    Save R300

  10. Sadie Patio Table
    Sadie Patio Table

    R1 699

    Save R300

  11. Asapur Lamp Table
    Asapur Lamp Table

    R1 399

    Save R300

  12. Tiya Ottoman
    Tiya Ottoman

    R3 399

    Save R600

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