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TV Cabinets

As a focal point and entertaining area in your home, a TV needs a beautiful console or stand to be showcased. Having the perfect TV stand is an integral part of your room, especially if you love TV binge-watching your favourite series, movie nights or catching up on your favourite sports team.

You can easily co-ordinate with the rest of your room by choosing from our wide range and different style TV cabinets available in stores. To help you determine the style to go for, start off by analysing the decor style or theme of your room where you will be placing your cabinet. We’ve put together some handy tips to keep in mind while browsing through our TV cabinets for sale, so have a read below:  

Size and Strength

First and foremost, consider the size of your room. This will help you determine the shape and size of your TV unit. Make sure to measure the floor space that you have available in your room and compare this to the size of the unit that has caught your eye. The centre of your TV screen should be at eye level while you are seated. Buying a stand that is too high or too low will interfere with your viewing angle. For the most enjoyable watching experience, you should leave plenty of space between the viewer and the screen. We suggest taking all measurements of your living room, as well as your selected TV cabinet and double check that you will have ample space to still comfortably fit it in your home.

Primarily, your stand should be able to accommodate and firmly support your flat-screen. If you need space for other components, such as a DStv decoder, power cables, fibre boxes and more, we highly recommend taking this into account and choosing a cabinet that has more than enough space for all of these items.

Choosing a style

Our TV stands are available in a wide variety of designs, ranging from open and closed shelving and drawers to different bases and shapes. Mixing styles might lead to a disjointed look and feel, we recommend sticking with a design that will blend well with your other furniture. We also have complete living room ranges available for your to select from.

A modern TV stand with simple lines and open shelving will capture the minimalist feel of a contemporary space. By choosing neutrals colours, like a white or a natural colour, your room will appear more bright and spacious. Dark solid colours with straight lines will work perfectly in a traditional setting, while a richly stained wood TV unit with a thick frame and curved details will complement an elegant and classic room.

We have modern and contemporary styles to more classic and traditional plasma stands. If your room has a more contemporary style our modern plasma stands with glass tops will fit in perfectly with the rest of your space. They have clean crisp lines and will make you room feel airy and open. Our solid wood stands go well with traditional settings and we have dark and light wood options for you to choose from. They are available in different painted finishes to suit your personality and room requirements.

Styling tips for your pedestal

Shelving is the best choice if you have many items you will need to store. If you need more room for a PlayStation unit, stereo system, records, DVDs, CDs, etc., have a look at our larger consoles with more shelving and storage options. While we’re on the topic of gear, one aspect too often forgotten is cable clutter. Plasma units with closed backs keep cable clutter out of sight, but remember that you will need enough holes for wire management. Another option is open-backed TV stands, which place little restriction on wiring up your system, but they also show all the wires. If you go with this style, plan to use zip-ties or Velcro cable ties to keep your cables orderly.
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