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Coffee Tables

The choice of a coffee table might seem like and easy decision, but before you rule out all options, there are a few factors to take into consideration. You might have an unusual living room layout or oversized furniture to work with and this can possibly confuse your decision, whichever it is we’ve put together a wide range of unique and high-quality coffee tables for various needs. Bear in mind that a great coffee table can easily become one of your main furniture pieces in your room, however depending on the style, size and material you can easily choose a coffee table that will complement your focal pieces as well as become a statement piece in your home.

We suggest thinking about the usability of your coffee table first before gathering ideas and deciding if you want it to form as the main focal point of your living room. At Coricraft, we have different traditional, modern and contemporary styles to select from as well as various sizes and types that will easily fit into your home.


Key factors to keep in mind


  • Material and Style

When shopping for your coffee table, we have different styles and materials to choose from. From solid wood to glass coffee tables, we have the perfect fit for your personal style. Assess your room first and keep in mind what your coffee table will be used for most of the time. Consider the durability of the material and how hardwearing your table needs to be for your home.

A solid wood coffee table can work well in both traditional and contemporary homes whereas a dark wood coffee table is best suited in a more classic setting. A light wood and natural looking solid wood coffee table is a favourite among consumers and if you have a modern and contemporary home, a light wood coffee table will work best. Solid wood coffee tables are also very practical and durable, but do require some maintenance for a long-lasting lifespan.

Our glass coffee tables will make a smaller room look more open and are ideal for a modern theme. Modern glass coffee tables are also low maintenance and easy to clean when needed. Keep in mind that you can also choose a mixed material coffee table – if you are looking for something different and unique, a coffee table with accents of metal and wood will make for a more interesting table and add character to a room.


  • Size and shape

Your seating configuration in your room will play a big role in what size and shape coffee table will work best for you. Consider how much breathing room you would need around your coffee table. When entertaining guests think about movement and leave enough space for stretching out and comfortably sitting and moving around your table. We have different shapes and sizes available and we’ve looked at designing coffee tables that will work well in both small and larger rooms.

Consider the space you have available in your living room and take the time to measure your couch before comparing it to the actual coffee table that you have your eye on. Your coffee table should not be larger than two-thirds of your couch’s length and should be level or lower than the seating area of your couch.

Large square coffee tables and round coffee tables are ideal for large seating areas with lots of space and our rectangular, oval and smaller square coffee tables will work best for smaller living areas. Another factor to keep in mind is storage. If you have a smaller space to work with, think about a dual-function coffee table that can double up as storage and has extra drawers, compartments and additional features. 


  • Accessorising your coffee table

Take advantage of your empty coffee table and see it as a blank canvas sitting right in the middle of your room. Our wide range of accessories and decorative items will suit classic to contemporary styles and add much needed detail to your room. Whether you want to add a decorative piece or just need a spot where you can put your TV remotes, a decorative tray will work as a functional piece and give your coffee table a chic neat look. A pretty old book will never go out of style – choose books with bright covers and bold lettering. Looking to create a focal point with your decorative items on your coffee table? Choose your favourite accessory piece and display it alone in the centre of the table. An interesting sculpture or ceramic vase will do the trick and don’t be scared to let your quirky personal style come out, remember that you can easily chop and change items that you grow tired of. 

Visit our website for regular updates on our coffee tables for sale, or give us a visit at a store near you.


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