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Living Room

Living Room Furniture


A well-designed living room should be comfortable for both family and guests. Your choice of furniture should have visual appeal and provide relaxation and entertaining family and friends. It’s also crucial for your living room to portray your personality and suit your needs. We’ve made it easy for you to put your own stamp on your living space with our collection of living room furniture sets, as well as make it a comfortable and cosy to entertain guests and make it an enjoyable space for you to live in.


Whether you are looking to upgrade a few individual pieces or completely furnish an empty space, we have a variety of lounge furniture that will suit your individual style and living space. By visiting one of our stores or browsing online you can easily find your perfect match to revamp your living room. Select from couches, coffee tables, plasma units, display cabinets, lamp tables, occasional chairs, ottomans, TV cabinets and decor accessories. To help you in the process, we’ve put together some key factors below to take into consideration before purchasing. 


Choosing your Living Room Furniture for your home

Your first step should be to analyse your space and to think about how your furniture will fit into your room. Sketching out your floor plan will make it easier for you to figure out different ways of how your furniture could fit in your room and decide on the best layout. It will also help you utilise all available space and avoid making walkways too narrow or creating clutter. It’s very important to not pick pieces that are too big for your living room as they can become overbearing quite quickly. Take the time to measure your room and plan accordingly. The size of your living room furniture plays a big role, for example in a large room, smaller chairs and tables can look out of place and underwhelming. 


Your next step should be deciding on the type of couch you want. A comfortable and stylish couch is the foundation of a beautiful living room. Consider the height and width of the couch, the softness and depth of the cushions, as well as the style and type. Look at different couch options for smaller living rooms, cosy 2-seater will do will well and larger corner couches are perfect for a room with loads of space. Sleeper couches are also ideal for having overnight guests and an occasional chair will add some depth to your room and provide extra seating for guests. 


After you’ve chosen your couch, start with your basic additional living room furniture and choose a statement chair, a coffee table and side tables. Start looking at additional pieces that you can add as you go along. Your main pieces will create the focus of your room and make it easy for you to add accent furniture. To complete your living room furniture collection, add ottomans and additional side tables and consider adding smaller decorative items such as, lamps, rugs and vases.


Choosing your look and feel

Keep your style in mind when choosing your lounge furniture for your home. Also consider if you want a more formal or informal living area and think about what you will use your living room for. For a more classic styled space choose more traditional furniture, such as a couch with round arms or studded detail and upholstered wingback chairs. For a more contemporary look and feel consider our more modern furniture and mix and match items from our living room sets to personalise your room. 


Look at different materials and think about how wood or glass furniture will give your living room a different style or look. Solid wood items will add a timeless touch to your living room, and glass tables will create a more contemporary look and feel. To round off your look, start with adding small accessories. Choose from our accessory range and add vases, clocks, artwork and more. Our range of scatter cushions and throws add a sense of warmth and texture to any living space.Add prints, mirrors or framed family photos to add depth and charm to your room. 


Lastly, colour variations in your room will improve your overall look and the more vibrant the colours the more energy your room will have. Be careful to not make these additional accessory items form the focal point of your room, they only need to create a golden thread that pulls your style together.


Visit our website for regular updates on our living room suites and furniture that are on sale.

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