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Home Office

Home Office Furniture

Looking to create your own home office? We’ve got you covered with high-quality and stylish home office furniture. Whether you are revamping your office room or just want to create a comfortable at home office nook, we suggest thinking about your basic needs first before deciding on what to buy. Think about all the ways you will use your office and what would fit into your space. You might need a small desk for home or two desks and some office furniture if you are meeting with clients.

Get creative with your space and try and balance your workspace, storage solutions and design requirements. Plan and sketch out your space and make sure that you have ample room for storage as well as a comfortable space to do your work. You might not have a very large space and might need to add a few dual-functional and modular home furniture pieces to your room. We have shelving units which can store files, books and office supplies in a stylish yet practical way. Choose a trestle table and store extra pieces on the bottom shelves and keep your office looking its best.  For large spaces, add a small 2-seater couch and create a cosy area for reading or extra seating when clients arrive. Maintaining your office will therefore depend on good organisation and key functional furniture pieces. 

After choosing your main items don’t forget to style and add accessories to your room. The correct lighting will help you create a visually appealing space, but also minimise eye strain. If you have natural light coming into your room you have a good foundation to work with and adding additional overhead lighting should be sufficient. For rooms with no lighting consider adding a desk lamp and floor lamps for ample lighting throughout the day. Consider adding some plants, decorative vases and even a throw to give your room warmth and character.

We have desks, office chairs, shelving and various accessories to choose from that will inspire productivity in your room. We also have different styles available that will suit modern and contemporary to more traditional styles and themes, we’ve made it easy to pick and choose pieces that will suit your personal style and requirements.


Ranges we offer

  • Desks

It all starts with your desk. Our classic and modern home office desks are available in various styles and designs. Select from space-saving, contemporary trestle tables to classic options. Easily choose a style and type that will suit your décor theme and personal style. Keep an eye out for our desks that we have on sale and in stores, we have different price points that will give you the best value for your buck.  


  • Office Chairs 

A comfortable chair is essential. Browse through our home office chairs and choose a chair that will suit your style but also provide essential back support throughout the day. We have classic swivel chairs in leather and fabric, or chairs with a more modern upholstered design to choose from. Our chairs are designed to be both comfortable yet stylish and to easily fit into various decor themes. 


  • Shelving

Our shelves and bookcases will provide ample space for files, books, magazines, stationery, accessories, as well as decorative objects. We have various leaning shelves and open bookcases available in stores and some of our shelving forms part of our home office furniture collections with matching desks. 


Office Accessories

How you design your office will have an impact on your mood and productivity. The better you design and decorate your room the better impact it will have on your thoughts for the day. We all have a psychological need for a pleasant space. Think about how your chosen colour scheme and style will affect your mood and how you can add small accessory items that will improve your productivity, as well as make your room functional for you to work in. 

As mentioned before decorating your space will add some needed character and style to your space. We have globes, table clocks, wall clocks and games to choose from. It is just as important to stick to your working hours at home and a wall clock will not only add character to your space, but also remind you that it’s time to call it a day. Place a wall clock, prints or artwork above your desk to create a focal point and a small globe on your desk for an on-trend look and feel. Take a look at our wide range of home accessories to make your home office both beautiful and interesting. A picture frame, some pot plants and even a rug are all great options for a beautifully designed at home office.


Designed to last

At Coricraft we believe in creating high quality products at reasonable prices to give you durable and long-lasting furniture sets that are both beautifully designed and great value. Our desks and bookcases are available in reclaimed or solid woods with beautiful dark or light stains and finishes, as well as glass tops for a more contemporary look and feel.

Visit our website for regular updates on our home office furniture for sale.


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