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Dining Room Tables

Coricraft has a wide range of beautiful dining room tables on offer. Whether you’re looking for a modern design that can fit in a smaller room, or a large, traditional table with space for the whole family and more, at Coricraft you’ll be spoilt for choice. A dining table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home - especially around the holiday season. It’s a great multitasker too, with people sometimes using their space as a makeshift office, meeting area or a homework spot. When looking for a table, you want something that is sturdy, comfortable and versatile.  

Dining room table materials

You need to put some thought into the material its made from. If you can afford it, real wood like acacia and oak make great dining furniture. Real wood is durable and hard wearing and will last for a long time. Find pieces made from reclaimed wood which has a lovely charm to it. The weathered look will add a rustic appeal that looks great in a family home. Glass dining room tables can give your home a modern air, and because of its reflective nature it will be light and bright in a smaller space. Glass tops work well with many decor themes. And today’s modern glass is thicker and more hard wearing than you might imagine. Tempered glass doesn’t break easily and is scratch resistant too.  

Consider Size

You’ll need to measure your room and consider the space before deciding which size to buy. Some can seat up to 12 guests, and it’s usually better to go bigger if you have the space available in your room, because when you do have a large dinner party or holiday meal at your table, you’ll want all the space you can get. Some even extend, so you can make them bigger for special occasions. If you have less space available, try a smaller 4 seater or 6 seater set designed with space restrictions in mind.  

Light or dark - choose your style

For a sleek, contemporary style choose a dark brown finish with clean, strong lines. This kind of table will work perfectly in a modern home with lots of space. A dark furniture piece will draw the eye, so this look will likely be a centerpiece in the home. For a warm and welcoming tone, try our wood dining room tables. Consider a lighter colour, either in light oak or light reclaimed wood colour. This finish has a timeless appeal and is reminiscent of a farmhouse kitchen - the kind of place where a family gathers over a hearty meal. Rounded edges or round details like turned legs will have a more traditional feel. These are often available in rich yellow colours and warm oak tones but are also available in dark rich brown oak colours. They would suit a more classic or traditional home decor scheme. Whitewashed tables look great in a beach-house setting or in homes with a casual, contemporary vibe feel.  

Matching your dining room chairs

Chairs come in so many wonderful options, and it can sometimes be quite daunting to match the chairs to your table. Some come in a range that includes matching room chairs, so you can easily select chairs that suit the look. But you can also play around with the chairs and find different chair options for a more eclectic feel. Most people try to match the legs of the chairs with the colour of the table. This is not a hard and fast rule, however, sometimes chair legs don’t need to match at all. Have a look through our extensive range of dining room chairs to find a style that suits your chosen table. Browse our range of dining tables for sale online or visit a store near you.  

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