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Dining Chairs

The perfect dining suite isn’t complete without dining room chairs to finish the look. Styles vary from classic to contemporary, from plush upholstered seats to versatile benches. But choosing the right chairs can be a tough task, when you're faced with so many options. As a rule of thumb, most people match the colour of their dining room table with their chairs. This ensures that they look like they belong to the set. But like all rules in decor, feel free to break the rule - many interior designers have chosen very different colouring to the main table, with great success.  

Stick with your style

A contemporary design will work well with contemporary looking dining chairs. If you’ve chosen a sleek dark design with clean lines, the rest of the decor should follow suit. A modern upholstered chair would also suit a sleek, modern looking table. Bright white and creamy fabrics can look great against a dark mahogany and can really add some lightness to the room. Upholstered leather dining chairs are also a great look for a modern home, so you have a lot of options available to you. Leather" is soft and supple and adds a sophisticated feel to a modern interior. For a very minimalist, modern and clean finish, consider clear chairs made of an acrylic material. These light, bright pieces won’t weigh a space down and are beautifully light and airy. These work particularly well in a smaller space. A more traditional feel can be achieved with turned legs and classic styling. These are stately looking and will look elegant and refined, complementing a decor scheme that leans towards a traditional style. An upholstered finish with high backs in both fabric and leather also offer a more traditional look and would suit classic table designs. For a rustic, farmhouse style, you may decide to use a collection of different chairs, or go for a wooden frame to enhance the country feel. Rattan or wicker also complement a rustic farmhouse look, so this is another route you could go. If you have a light whitewashed table, these could help lend a casual ambiance to the room. If you’re planning on entertaining lots of people, consider a bench as an alternative. A bench can provide a versatile seating solution. You can squeeze an extra person onto the bench, so you effectively get an extra seat. If you have a longer 8 seater or 10 seater, you can change things up by adding two carver chairs at the heads of the table. These make a statement and are grand compared to other seating options.  

Don’t forget to consider comfort

Of course, whatever you choose you need to make sure that it’s comfortable. You’re going to be sitting on your dining room chairs for many years to come, enjoying many holiday feasts and family meals, so you need to be sure that you’re buying yourself a comfortable place to sit.  

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