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  3. R20 000 and above
  1. Annabelle Denim
    Annabelle Denim
  2. Annabelle Granite
    Annabelle Granite
  3. Annabelle Linen
    Annabelle Linen
  4. Annabelle Steel
    Annabelle Steel
  5. Aswan Asphalt
    Aswan Asphalt
  6. Aswan Cement
    Aswan Cement
  7. Aswan Mineral
    Aswan Mineral
  8. Aswan Mocca
    Aswan Mocca
  9. Aswan Sand
    Aswan Sand
  10. Atholl Asphalt
    Atholl Asphalt
  11. Atholl Cashmere
    Atholl Cashmere
  12. Atholl Cement
    Atholl Cement
  13. Atholl Granite
    Atholl Granite
  14. Atholl Linen
    Atholl Linen
  15. Atholl Mineral
    Atholl Mineral
  16. Atholl Pebble
    Atholl Pebble
  17. Benmore Stone
    Benmore Stone
  18. Berkeley Chocolate
    Berkeley Chocolate
  19. Berkeley Putty
    Berkeley Putty
  20. Cannes Dove
    Cannes Dove
  21. Cannes Marine
    Cannes Marine
  22. Cannes Noir
    Cannes Noir
  23. Cannes Sable
    Cannes Sable
  24. Cannes Taupe
    Cannes Taupe
  25. Carolina Cement
    Carolina Cement
  26. Carolina Earth
    Carolina Earth
  27. Carolina Olive
    Carolina Olive
  28. Carolina Stone
    Carolina Stone
  29. Clarke Cement
    Clarke Cement
  30. Clarke Charcoal
    Clarke Charcoal
  31. Clarke Denim
    Clarke Denim
  32. Clarke Linen
    Clarke Linen
  33. Connel Graphite
    Connel Graphite
  34. Connel Linen
    Connel Linen
  35. Connel Mineral
    Connel Mineral
  36. Connel Navy
    Connel Navy
  37. Connel Steel
    Connel Steel
  38. Corfu Ash
    Corfu Ash
  39. Corfu Charcoal
    Corfu Charcoal
  40. Corfu Denim
    Corfu Denim
  41. Corfu Mineral
    Corfu Mineral
  42. Corfu Natural
    Corfu Natural
  43. Corsica Linen
    Corsica Linen
  44. Dusk Biscuit
    Dusk Biscuit
  45. Fabric Willis Mineral
  46. Fresco Linen
    Fresco Linen
  47. Ibiza Ash
    Ibiza Ash
  48. Ibiza Charcoal
    Ibiza Charcoal
  49. Ibiza Denim
    Ibiza Denim
  50. Ibiza Mineral
    Ibiza Mineral
  51. Ibiza Natural
    Ibiza Natural
  52. Majorka Ash
    Majorka Ash
  53. Majorka Charcoal
    Majorka Charcoal
  54. Majorka Denim
    Majorka Denim
  55. Majorka Linen
    Majorka Linen
  56. Majorka Mineral
    Majorka Mineral
  57. Majorka Natural
    Majorka Natural
  58. Marseille Taupe
  59. Marseille Dove
    Marseille Dove
  60. Marseille Marine
    Marseille Marine
  61. Marseille Noir
    Marseille Noir
  62. Marseille Sable
    Marseille Sable
  63. Maurice Blue
    Maurice Blue
  64. Maurice Brown
    Maurice Brown
  65. Maurice Green
    Maurice Green
  66. Maurice Natural
    Maurice Natural
  67. Maurice Red
    Maurice Red
  68. Milly Black
    Milly Black
  69. Milly Cement
    Milly Cement
  70. Milly Charcoal
    Milly Charcoal
  71. Milly Linen
    Milly Linen
  72. Milly Mineral
    Milly Mineral
  73. Mykonos Ash
    Mykonos Ash
  74. Mykonos Charcoal
    Mykonos Charcoal
  75. Mykonos Denim
    Mykonos Denim
  76. Mykonos Mineral
    Mykonos Mineral
  77. Mykonos Natural
    Mykonos Natural
  78. Nanjing Cement
    Nanjing Cement
  79. Nanjing Charcoal
    Nanjing Charcoal
  80. Nanjing Linen
    Nanjing Linen
  81. Nanjing Mocca
    Nanjing Mocca
  82. Nanjing Sand
    Nanjing Sand
  83. Oakland Cashmere
    Oakland Cashmere
  84. Oakland Cement
    Oakland Cement
  85. Oakland Midnight
    Oakland Midnight
  86. Oakland Orchid
    Oakland Orchid
  87. Oakland Putty
    Oakland Putty
  88. Thai Taupe
    Thai Taupe
  89. Thuli Asphalt
    Thuli Asphalt
  90. Thuli Cement
    Thuli Cement
  91. Thuli Mineral
    Thuli Mineral
  92. Thuli Sand
    Thuli Sand
  93. Trixie Cement
    Trixie Cement
  94. Trixie Linen
    Trixie Linen
  95. Trixie Navy
    Trixie Navy
  96. Trixie Sand
    Trixie Sand
  97. Willis Cement
    Willis Cement
  98. Willis Granite
    Willis Granite
  99. Willis Mineral
    Willis Mineral
  100. Willis Stone
    Willis Stone
  1. 2 Seater
    2 Seater
  2. 2 Seater Sleeper
  3. 3 Seater
    3 Seater
  4. 4 Seater
    4 Seater
  5. Chair
  6. Corner Couch
    Corner Couch
  7. Corner Slouch
    Corner Slouch
  8. Day Bed
  9. M1DV
  10. MEND
  11. MOTT
  12. Ottoman
  13. Slouch Double Daybed
    Slouch Double Daybed

Slipcover couches

A well-fitted slipcover couch is the perfect addition to a busy living room or lounge.  

What is a slipcover couch?

A slipcover couch has a fabric cover that can be removed. The cover can be removed and washed when necessary. You can also have a second cover made in a different fabric, so you can easily update and change the look of your space.

They can be particularly useful in homes with young children and pets. While sticky fingers and cat hair can leave your upholstery looking shabby and worn out, you can simply pop the cover in the wash to return it to its former glory. This solution is also ideal for people who are looking for a white or light coloured lounge suite, as they can be removed and washed after any mishap, accident or spill. This style offers a casual, cozy look and they will work particularly well in a relaxed home envi-ronment where the decor isn’t too formal or fussy.

It is possible to order replacement covers allowing you to quickly and cost-effectively update your home decor look.

If you are looking for slipcover couches for sale, visit a Coricraft store today or shop online. Browse our full range of stylish, versatile and well-made furniture online. Alternatively, visit your nearest store to see them in person and to find out more about having a second slipcover made for your Coricraft couch.  

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