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As we continuingly search for timeless, stylish and great quality pieces for our home, Coricraft offers couches and sofas that will make a seamless and beautiful addition to your lounge or living room. Looking at our designer couch ranges, we’ve combined comfort and value to give you endless amount of choices to make your couch shopping experience memorable and of course fuss-free.

We have both contemporary and classic couch designs, giving you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of styles to accommodate all your needs. As the largest couch manufacturer and retailer in South Africa, Coricraft gives you great value couches and sofas without compromising on quality and design. With 3 easy steps, you can craft your perfect couch by choosing the style, size and finish by choosing a leather or fabric of your choice. It couldn’t be easier! Coricraft’s collection of couches gives you the best of both worlds with a wide range of quality couches that are available in both fabric and leather. Visit our website for regular updates on couch and sofa sales.


Choosing the Couch that works for you

Whether you are looking to transform your home or get on-trend accessories to update your space, Coricraft has a win-win solution – giving you a living area or lounge that is stylish and inviting, while also allowing you to get the best value for your buck.

When choosing your couch there are a few things to keep in mind before buying. Think about comfort, style and use. Look at the size of your space and think about the main functionality of your couch. Do you need the couch for lounging around in front of the TV or rather for formal gatherings with friends and family? Take into consideration the type of décor style you are trying to create and consider the look and feel that you would like your home to reflect. With our wide range, it’s a simple task to create a designer living room and atmosphere. Needless to say, we are your go-to décor and furniture brand – giving you a wide range of couch style options, you wouldn’t need to shop anywhere else.


Choose your size and type

With so many options, you might just want to update every room in your home. Our couch ranges include fully upholstered, slipcover, sleeper, 100% genuine leather and our sizes include 1 Seater Couches, 2 Seater Couches, 3 Seater Couches, 4 Seater Couches, Arm Chairs, Full Corner Couches, Recliners , Slouches, Sleeper Couches as well as Modular couches.  Modular couches are becoming increasingly popular with their flexibility in arranging the modular pieces to accommodate bigger or more intimate gatherings. 

Before choosing your size or type, there are a few things to take into consideration. As mentioned before, your first consideration should be space.How much space do you have to spare in your living room, lounge, patio or family room? Once you’ve measured your size, move onto the type of couch requirements. What would work better for your lifestyle; a slipcover couch, fully upholstered couch or a 100% genuine leather couch? Also take into consideration if fabric or leather is a better choice for you. A slipcover couch gives you the flexibility of changing the fabric and colour when you are in need of a living room refresh or if you would simply prefer the ease of washing the slipcover. 


Choosing your Fabric and Leather

As a leading sofa company, Coricraft’s fabrics are high quality and are made to last. The fabrics we choose for our designer couches are either natural fibres, synthetics, and leather. By researching and understanding our different fabric option, we can help you find the perfect fabric for your custom-made couch that is both durable and stylish. Each fabric type holds its own unique characteristics and a couch’s fabric will affect how the couch wears over time. Leather will add a classic look to your home, but fully upholstered couches are more versatile. Also think about stain and fade resistance, strength and style to find the perfect match for your couch. Consider colours: If a bright bold colour will still appeal to you in 5 years, perfect, but if you are doubtful, rather go for a classic colour that you know will know still appeal to you in 10 years’ time. Accessories are the perfect way to add colour and interest to your room with scatters, vases and throws. 

Think about how your couch or sofa will be used in your home? If you are planning to use your couch in a high-traffic area for example, consider a durable and tough fabric. It is important when selecting the fabric for your couch, to keep in mind the fabric’s attributes, colour and style and how it will fit in with your personal requirements and lifestyle. A Genuine Leather Couch or Sofa is always better if you have small children in your home, however a leather couch must be kept away from direct sunlight. We have different exotic and classic leathers to choose from and our different colour ranges makes it easy to choose a leather that will fit your style. Keep in mind that a Leather Couch also has various advantages. If you are going for a unique, extremely comfortable and durable couch, our 100% genuine leather couches fits the bill. 

When buying your sofa or couch, you will undoubtedly want to ensure that your purchase will be long lasting, durable and maintain its appearance for many years to come. Therefore, it is important to choose a fabric or leather that will suit your needs. As a couch and sofa manufacturer we take pride in crafting high-quality sofas. Visit our website for regular updated on couches for sale.

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