Bedroom Furniture

For many of us our bedrooms have become the one and only escape haven where we can retreat or enjoy some down time. For this reason, Coricraft created furniture ranges to turn your bedroom into a private oasis. Our beautifully designed bedroom suites feature items with light or dark wood colours and traditional to contemporary and modern finishes. We’ve made it easy for you to choose your favourite pieces and create your ultimate bedroom sanctuary.

At Coricraft, our furniture is more than just practical pieces in your home, they are designed to also reflect your personality. We’ve therefore created stylish bedroom furniture that allows you to design a beautiful and elegant bedroom that is both practical, comfy and aesthetically alluring. While designing or upgrading your bedroom, we supply you with the core elements that can help you turn your bedroom space into a perfectly crafted area to suit your every need. 


How to choose bedroom furniture 

Choosing your home bedroom furniture can become quite intimidating, especially if you haven’t chosen a style or colour scheme yet. Our suggestion would be to start gathering ideas and exploring different styles before deciding which pieces to buy. Create a folder with your personal inspiration and think about colours, style and functionality. If you are drawn to more traditional furniture, our bedroom sets with matching pieces will achieve your desired look, if not, we have stand-alone bedroom pieces that will work for a more interesting and unexpected style.

Once you’ve decided on your favourite style start buying items that suit your taste, you don’t need to rush to buy all your pieces in one go if your budget doesn’t allow for it. Start with your main pieces, such as a bed, headboard or pedestals and add other pieces like the dresser and accessories as you go along. It is important to live in your space first and get a feel for where other pieces you still need so that you can create your dreamy bedroom. 

At Coricraft we believe in creating quality, comfortable and stylish bedroom furniture and we have a wide variety of solid wood bedroom suites, sets or individual pieces to choose from. Select from beds, mattresses and bed sets, chests and tallboys, pedestals, mattresses, headboards and bed combos. With our extensive bedroom range, we have something to suit all tastes. Visit our website for regular updates on bedroom furniture ranges and bedroom suites that are for sale.


Key factors to take into consideration

Comfort is ultimately the main function of your bedroom, so make sure to test the comfort level of your furniture before buying. Space will be your next factor to keep in mind and whether you have a small bedroom or a very large space to work with, always create a focal point by using furniture pieces that will make a statement in your room. If you want your bed or headboard to form the focus of your room, think about how these pieces complement and fit into the rest of your room. 

If you are considering buying a dresser, look at size, style, practicality and how it will suit the rest of your furniture. Once again, space is very important as you will need enough breathing room to move and walk around. The more spacious and airy environment you create, the more relaxed and at home you feel in your bedroom and surroundings. 

For smaller rooms, play around with dual-function seating or storage furniture pieces that combines style and practical use. For a larger bedroom consider extra seating and add an upholstered armchair or ottoman. Above-the-bed artwork, colourful scatter cushions and patterned bedding can also draw the eye and add a touch of flavour to your room. 


Decorating your bedroom

By adding elements to your bedroom from our accessories range, your bedroom can turn into a functional and beautiful area to relax in. Explore from earthy and light to more colourful accessories to finish your look and keep in mind that not all your pieces have to match. Think about using some exciting prints and patterns, add your twist to your room with an eye-catching ottoman or armchair. Bedroom furniture is usually quite simple and straight forward, however that shouldn’t stop you from adding your personality to the room. Consider mixing and matching colours by choosing a different colour bed and headboard or dresser. This will add some variation to your room and prevent it from looking too symmetrical and tiresome.

Bear in mind that the correct lighting will also add ambiance to your bedroom. The balance of overhead and accent lighting is perfect for functionality and atmosphere. Look to our bedside lamps for inspiration to create a perfect balance between ambience and practicality. Even if you’re not interested in reading, having a dim light in your bedroom is ideal for creating a relaxed mood, making it easy for you to fall into a peaceful slumber. Pendant lights installed over nightstands or a headboard will fit in perfectly for an on-trend design style.

Visit our website for regular updates on our bedroom suites and furniture that are on sale, or give us a visit at a store near you.

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