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 Carpets for sale

Carpets and rugs have a softening effect on a room. Not only do they add a warm, comforting texture to the floor, they also help to improve the acoustics in a room and     reduce floor noise. And of course, a bold, colourful rug will also add a pop of colour, while a neutral design can ground a colour scheme.

Choosing the right rug for your space.

When selecting a your mat, you need to keep in mind the space you have available and the look you’re trying to achieve.  

If you have a very classical scheme, you might select a very thick pile with a pattern reminiscent of oriental or Persian rugs. If you have a very modern scheme, you may prefer a striking geometric design, or an abstract pattern. Go bold with a brightly coloured design, or add depth to your room with a dark carpet. Don’t play it too safe when shopping - a strong pattern or intense colour can really add interest to your room.

A natural carpet made of sisal or jute can bring a rustic look to your scheme. Natural colours hide dirt well and add interesting textures to your floors.

Thicker options help to reduce sounds in a home, and can be particularly helpful in apartments, or in homes with lots of tiles.

Ensure that it fits well in your space. In a dining room, you want it to comfortably fit the tables and chairs on top of it. In a living room, your size is largely determined by the layout of your furniture. If you have a large room, and the couches have space between them and the wall, opt for something big enough to fit all the furniture on top of it. In a room where your couches are against the wall, go for a smaller rug. Ideally it should extend under at least the front two feet of your couch - you don’t want it to stop just short of your couches, as this can actually make your space look smaller.

You’ll find a number of ideas when searching online. Search the internet for inspiration and let it guide your choice.

Choosing the right rug for your space.

For many people who are looking for something new, bigger is better. A king size bed has plenty of space to stretch out in, making it a luxurious choice. But you need to consider how well it will fit in the room. It’s no good getting the biggest one you can, and then hav-ing to squeeze around it every time you enter and exit the bedroom. You also need to consider your current mattress size. Upgrading will mean upgrading your mattress too - not to mention all your sheets and duvets.

If you’re shopping for a rug or carpet for your home, you’ll love the range available at Coricraft.  

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