Sonoma Slipcover 4 Seater Couch

Sonoma Slipcover 4 Seater Couch

R10 399
R10 399

Create an inspiring environment you’ll love with our latest Sonoma Slipcover Couch. It features a classic design with rounded arm rests and plush feather wrapped inners that provides living rooms with style and luxurious comfort. The Sonoma ticks all the boxes when it comes to luxury living. The Sonoma Slipcover Couch is available as a chair, 3-seater, 4-seater, slouch, corner couch and as a slouch with daybed. Made for you in our wide range of fabrics to suit your style and needs.

Photographed in Fabric Fresco LInen - Lifestyle Image.

Photographed in Fabric Thuli cement - Product Only Shot.

MADE TO ORDER IN 8 WEEKS - Please add the number of weeks under lockdown to this lead time. Subject to change, Terms & Conditions apply.

Customise your Sonoma Slipcover 4 Seater Couch
Select your colour
  • Marseille Sable
    Marseille Sable
  • Marseille Marine
    Marseille Marine
  • Trixie Cement
    Trixie Cement
  • Willis Stone
    Willis Stone
  • Oakland Cement
    Oakland Cement
  • Thuli Asphalt
    Thuli Asphalt
  • Aswan Mineral
    Aswan Mineral
  • Milly Mineral
    Milly Mineral
  • Aswan Sand
    Aswan Sand
  • Aswan Cement
    Aswan Cement
  • Aswan Mocca
    Aswan Mocca
  • Annabelle Granite
    Annabelle Granite
  • Annabelle Steel
    Annabelle Steel
  • Milly Linen
    Milly Linen
  • Cannes Taupe
    Cannes Taupe
  • Milly Charcoal
    Milly Charcoal
  • Cannes Sable
    Cannes Sable
  • Oakland Putty
    Oakland Putty
  • Cannes Marine
    Cannes Marine
  • Thuli Cement
    Thuli Cement
  • Cannes Noir
    Cannes Noir
  • Trixie Navy
    Trixie Navy
  • Carolina Cement
    Carolina Cement
  • Willis Mineral
    Willis Mineral
  • Carolina Olive
    Carolina Olive
  • Annabelle Linen
    Annabelle Linen
  • Carolina Earth
    Carolina Earth
  • Marseille Dove
    Marseille Dove
  • Clarke Denim
    Clarke Denim
  • Marseille Noir
    Marseille Noir
  • Clarke Linen
    Clarke Linen
  • Milly Cement
    Milly Cement
  • Clarke Cement
    Clarke Cement
  • Milly Black
    Milly Black
  • Clarke Charcoal
    Clarke Charcoal
  • Oakland Cashmere
    Oakland Cashmere
  • Corsica Linen
    Corsica Linen
  • Oakland Orchid
    Oakland Orchid
  • Fresco Linen
    Fresco Linen
  • Thai Taupe
    Thai Taupe
  • Liberty Linen
    Liberty Linen
  • Thuli Sand
    Thuli Sand
  • Liberty Slate
    Liberty Slate
  • Thuli Mineral
    Thuli Mineral
  • Liberty Biscuit
    Liberty Biscuit
  • Trixie Linen
    Trixie Linen
  • Liberty Steel
    Liberty Steel
  • Trixie Sand
    Trixie Sand
  • Majorka Linen
    Majorka Linen
  • Willis Granite
    Willis Granite
  • Marseille Taupe
    Marseille Taupe
  • Willis Cement
    Willis Cement
  • Aswan Asphalt
    Aswan Asphalt
52 more colours available
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Sonoma Slipcover 4 Seater Couch
SKU Length Width Height
SonomaFSC4DV 2560mm 1080mm 900mm


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