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Patio furniture

Patio furniture can take a beating, so it’s important that you clean and protect it, no matter the season. Here’s how to keep your patio furniture looking good

Read the care guidelines

Each product has its own specifications. Read the care guidelines so you know how to care for your patio furniture and what products could damage it and jeopardise your warranty. Definitely avoid harsh treatments such as power washing or bleaching.

Pack away the cushions

Try to keep the cushions and covers out of the sun when you’re not using them. This will help keep them dust-free, resulting in the fabric lasting much longer. With the cushions packed away, there’s less chance for the pets to use them as beds, which is another cause of wear and tear.

Keep it under cover

Placing and/or storing your furniture under a covered patio, rather than exposed to the elements, will lengthen its lifespan. Alternatively, use waterproof covers to keep the water and dirt out.

Wicker, Cane And Rattan

Generally speaking, cane, wicker and rattan furniture should be kept out of direct sunlight. With prolonged exposure, these materials can dry out and may even end up breaking as a result. If your cane sofa or chairs are located on your covered patio or in a sunny spot, regularly rotate them around the room to ensure all sides of the furniture is exposed to the sun.

Regularly cleaning your cane, rattan or wicker furniture will ensure it stays in the best of condition for much longer than you might expect. Clean it once every few weeks by wiping the cane down with a damp cloth to remove dust, and brush with a dry paintbrush to dislodge any debris. You can then leave it to air dry. If your cane furniture comes with removable cushion covers, freshen them by getting them cleaned once every year to keep them in prime condition.

Mould and mildew can be rattan’s worst enemy at times. While it can be very susceptible to dry conditions, damp or humid surroundings can be just as damaging. Tackle mould and mildew with a diluted bleach solution whenever it appears.  Unless specifically designed for outdoor use, never place your rattan, cane or wicker furniture outside – the weather can have instantly damaging effects. When storing this kind of furniture, ensure every part of it gets enough air circulation to prevent mould and mildew from developing. Pull furniture away from walls and never keep them in the basement or loft, where conditions can vary from dry to humid very easily. Similarly, even if you have all-weather outdoor furniture, it’s best practice to keep it sheltered during harsher weather. You should protect it with a waterproof cover or move it into your shed – still with a protective cover. 

Wicker furniture needs to be cleaned carefully to remove dust. Vacuuming using a brush nozzle or dusting off furniture with a paintbrush.

Seal wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is beautiful but needs annual maintenance if it’s subjected to harsh weather to protect it from ultraviolet rays, dirt and moisture, or to preserve the colour, it needs to remain sealed.

Keep metal furniture rust-free

Metal patio furniture can get stains and rust spots. Keep it clean as dust traps water and can accelerate rusting.

Avoid sunscreen stains

Sunscreen lotion can stain plastic furniture. To avoid this, clean the surfaces with a mild soapy solution each time after use.

Size Occasional
Length 400cm
Width 400cm
Height 550cm
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