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The beauty of versatile Display Cabinets

Our homes become the place where we collect and display items that have great meaning to us. We gather books that we’ve loved to read, trinkets and treasures from our travels and holidays, trophies and awards from our achievements, and heirlooms from beloved family members and friends. A beautiful cabinet with shelving or glass doors is the perfect piece of furniture to help you look after and showcase the things you treasure most in your home. .

Versatile display cabinets in South Africa

Wooden cabinets and bookcases are very versatile pieces of furniture. They can be used in a living room, dining room, home office or TV room to store books, pottery, crockery, collectables and valuable items.  

Display cabinets for sale

Our display cabinets range from sleek and modern to classic and timeless, you’ll be able to select the perfect cabinet that suits your home and style. A dark wooden piece can really ground a room and looks stately and strong, but can become overpowering in a smaller space. Lighter wood pieces look great in smaller rooms and will complement other light-wood furniture pieces in your space. A wooden display cabinet with glass doors will add a beautiful classic look to your interior. Use this piece to house a collection of items that you don’t use continuously, like your heirloom crockery that you only brush off for special occasions. If you have items you’d like to display like trophies or collectable toys or figurines, a cabinet with glass doors is a great option for you. Many include drawers or a full wooden door, so that not everything in your cabinet needs to be on display at all times.  

Display cabinet ideas

Here are a few ideas of how you can use a display cabinet in your home. • Pair two display cabinets with a long TV stand in your TV room and use it to store DVD’s and console games. • Place an open display cabinet next to a comfortable chair in a corner of a room to create a library or reading nook. • Use one in a child’s room to create a beautiful display of soft teddies, books and toys. • Put a cabinet in your dining room, next to your server, and use it to display crockery or fancy glass and stemware. It’s easily accessible for dinner parties and special events but will also provide a focal point in your dining room. • When travelling, collect items to remind you of your trip and keep them on show in a cabinet. Local artworks, flags, seashells and other mementos can work well, or use a large round bowl or vase to show off a collection of shells or bead work. • Show off your passions in life by displaying collectables you’ve gathered over the years. Perhaps you’re an avid antique collector and need a space to display these items. • Use a cabinet in your home office to keep your important files and documents neatly organised. • Collect vases, pottery pieces, statues, carvings, glassware or other artworks and put them on display. Framed artworks also look beautiful displayed on the shelves of a cabinet. • A framed cabinet can be used to display trophies, certificates, medals and awards you have won for a sport or hobby. If you’re looking for a collection of wooden display cabinets for sale, Coricraft can offer a wide range of choices. With many versatile options available, you’re sure to find a cabinet to suit your style and your needs.  

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