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Ottomans for Sale

Our ottoman designs are more than just ordinary footrests, but rather, have been designed as practical and stylish pieces for your living space. You might want your ottoman to replace your coffee table or serve as a statement piece in your home and we therefore have different shapes, sizes and styles to choose from that will make for a beautiful and stylish piece in your home.

Your couch might form the focal point of your room, but an ottoman will become a strong supporting character and add a functional and tasteful layer to your room. Use your ottoman to put your feet up, as extra seating or an area to place your coffee in the morning. Choose from different heights and styles to co-ordinate with your space and personality. We have 100% genuine leather or fully upholstered fabric options in different sizes, as well as smaller foot stools in a range of mixed materials and colours.  

Choosing the right ottoman for your space

It is often the small touches of colour and texture that can become a decorative and impactful element in your home. While most people may only think about the functionality of an ottoman, they can easily provide a touch of colour, texture and can make for a dynamic interior space. Picking the right piece will depend on the look and functionality you are trying to achieve. Is it going to be purely decorative, or will it serve as a seating space, a storage unit or even a comfy space for your feet after a long day? By browsing through our range, you’ll find that we have a wide selection that can serve all of these functions

Once deciding on the main function of your ottoman, you will then be able to decide on the design features and materials that will be best suited. If it will only serve as a decorative piece, choose a brightly coloured or a fully upholstered ottoman with a patterned fabric. A leather foot stool will serve as a more practical and low maintenance piece for your room.

A large ottoman is the perfect replacement for a coffee table, but be careful not to choose one that is out of sync with the rest of your furniture. The main focus of your room should be on your larger furniture pieces, so choose a design that will in some way complement your chosen lounge suite, for example, the feet or base of your couch and ottoman should suit each other. Keep in mind that you will need enough space in your room to comfortably move around. A large elongated design is a versatile and beautiful piece. It can serve as a bench for extra seating or even as a foot-end at the bottom of your bed. When selecting the size, keep in mind that the height needs to play a role in your decision, for example if you are buying for your living room as a footrest, it needs to be a comfortable height for you to easily put your feet up.

Another factor to keep in mind is the shape. A large square piece works perfectly as an alternative to the traditional coffee table and looks great with a modular couch that has equal lengths on each side. We recommend using a round or oval ottoman as a great space-saver as it’s easy to move and walk around. A rectangular design works best with an L-shape or slouch couch. A storage ottoman with a hollow centre serves as a very functional piece, easily store extra during winter.

One might do the trick for the right space, however, you might have enough room that will benefit from more. By grouping two or three smaller ottomans together, easily create an area that is perfect for entertaining large groups of people. When not being used, easily push them aside to create an informal side table or move them into different rooms of your home and use them as you see fit.
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