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Cane Furniture from Coricraft

Our cane furniture can be used to create a casual and comfortable ambiance in your home or outdoor space. We have a wide range available that will suit various styles, including very modern looking pieces with straight, linear edges.  

What’s the difference between cane, rattan and wicker?

Wicker is a more general term used to describe material made with vine or grass that has been woven around metal or wood. Rattan and cane are two types of rattan furniture, but essentially, they are very similar. They both create durable furniture with a rustic, casual twist. Cane, rattan and wicker are all made from woven natural materials.

How to use cane and wicker in your home.

This furniture style has a lovely casual and natural feel to it. The warm, earthy colours are perfect for a smaller room, a sun room or an outdoor setting. It’s also very light in weight and easy to move from place to place. Cane chairs and tables are low maintenance and easy to clean. There’s no need to polish them frequently or clean them daily. Our rattan pieces are made of natural and renewable material making them an eco-friendly choice for your home.

Use cane and wicker in a living room to add beautiful texture. Place on a covered patio to create an inviting outdoor space or add wicker furniture in a sunroom or patio room for a perfect cozy spot. Pair with natural wooden furniture to complete the casual, rustic look. Weathered woods and natural grain wooden furniture pieces will work well together with your these pieces.

Wicker chairs and coffee tables for patio’s

These are a particularly good choice for a modern patio area. Although these chairs shouldn’t be left out in direct sunlight and harsh weather conditions, these pieces are the ideal choice for a modern covered outdoor patio. In South Africa, a patio area is essential for homeowners who love outdoor entertaining. Celebrate outdoor living with a comfortable patio space accented with chairs, coffee tables and stools. Create a warm and inviting space where guests can relax while enjoying a beautiful South African summer.

With Coricraft’s range, you can create a warm and inviting outdoor space. Accent with beautiful floral and bright coloured scatter cushions and even an outdoor rug. At Coricraft we’ve made it easy for you to create a space where you can kick back and relax and enjoy your selected outdoor patio set.

If you’re looking for cane furniture for sale, you’ll find a wide range of choices at Coricraft. Our pieces can be placed on a patio, in your living room, or any desired room in your home. Visit a store today or Visit a store today to see our range.  

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