Introducing our New Slipcover - The Connor


For more than 20 years Coricraft has been synonymous with best value couches made for you in your choice of fabric or 100% genuine leather. Throughout those years, Coricraft has also been the first choice in beautiful slipcover couches; appreciated for their versatility and even more so for their famously easy cleaning and maintenance.


For many years and for many families throughout South Africa, our very first slipcover – the Fergie - was lovingly manufactured by Coricraft in the customer’s choice of a wide range of fabrics. The convenience of machine-washable slipcovers paired with Coricraft couches’ typical oversized comfort soon shot the Fergie to bestseller status.


Slipcover couches earned their couch celebrity status by being highly adaptable and a great value purchase. With slipcovers, you can refresh the look of your entire room by simply having new slipcovers made in a fabric of your choice, rather than needing to buy a whole new lounge suite or redecorate in other ways. Families with kids, pets or those whose couches will be used with lots of love for many years, benefit from the low maintenance nature of slipcovers. There’s a lot to be said for being able to simply remove your couch covers, throw them in a washing machine on a cold cycle with some mild detergent, and then putting them back on your couch frame damp to dry into shape crease-free.


Due to popular demand and as a nod to our slipcover legacy, we are proud to introduce the Connor, the Fergie’s twin brother with a much bigger wardrobe.


As with the Fergie, the Connor is made for you in your choice of slipcover fabric. Over the years, our range of fabrics has grown exponentially, giving you more choice than ever when picking the perfect colour and fabric texture for your new slipcover couch.


With the backing of slipcover popularity and a huge choice of fabrics, it’s not hard to see why the Connor is going to enjoy just as much fame as his predecessor.


Add the classic design, quality and Coricraft heritage of the Connor to your home.



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