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Whether indoors or out, sun exposure and heat damage to your furniture are both unsightly and irreversible! To keep your furniture in tip top condition, keep the following tips in mind.



With leather, too much sun and harsh lighting can lead to two things: colour fading and drying out. To prevent both fading and drying out, you need to ensure that you are able to keep your furniture out of direct sunlight and harsh interior light – especially during warmer months. 


FADING: Colour fading is a common problem for leather pieces that have been placed next to a window that gets too much sunlight. Dark leathers are more prone to fading as they absorb more light. Once leather is faded, it is difficult (and often expensive) to get the colour back as this can usually only be done through professional re-dying and colour matching. 


DRYING: Drying is something that can happen to any type of leather, whether it has been finished or not. Too much heat or sunlight causes moisture in the leather’s natural oils to slowly evaporate, resulting in stiffening and unsightly cracking. Unfortunately, you cannot re-hydrate leather that has been dried out so preventative care is your only insurance against this unpleasant occurrence. The best way to prevent drying out is to clean and condition your leather furniture with a CoriCare Kit every 6 months to a year. 

Did you know that your wooden furniture can get a suntan, just like your skin? That's one of the reasons it needs a wood sealant to protect it from UV rays and other harsh lighting conditions.


If your wood furniture is located in the sun’s path, we recommend keeping the top free and clear of any and all accessories for the first few months. If you absolutely must dress your table, ensure that you move the items around regularly to prevent a visible difference in discoloration from developing.


Because it is a natural product like leather, wood furniture can dry out and be affected by the elements. Heat from the sun, your air conditioning system or a humid environment can all affect the function and aesthetic of wood. Heat and moisture cause a natural expansion of wood and once winter and / or dryer weather rolls around, you’ll find that your wooden furniture will be much better off.

Just like leather, fabric tends to fade if exposed to the sun and harsh interior lighting. Very few fabrics are immune to fading when exposed to light for prolonged periods of time, so if you know your furniture will be living in a bright room, you should consider opting for a lighter fabric. Dark colours will fade more rapidly than lighter ones.


If your fabric furniture is exposed to the sun or harsh light, ensure that you rotate any scatter cushions and throws regularly so that that any fading due to exposure is not patchy and noticeable. 


As with leather and wood, a good fabric protection will ensure the longevity of your fabric furniture, and will give the fabric an added layer of defense against the sun's harmful UV rays as well as offering protection against spills and stains. 




If you have a beautifully sunny room, try to design the floorplan with flexibility in mind. Sofa and two chairs? Try rearranging the items so that the sofa’s back is not always against the window, and vice versa. This will at least help the items fade consistently all over.


Buy two identical pieces for use in two different rooms: for instance, choose a chair for your bedroom and for your living room that are the same, and switch them back and forth for a few months to even out any affects from the sun.


Use window treatments: we love big, open windows, and bright sunny spaces, but sometimes the best protection for your furniture is to block the sun all together. Put up airy drapes, UV-blocking shades, and a wide variety of blinds to diminish the amount of raw sunlight getting in, without creating an entirely dark and gloomy room.


Invest in window tinting: this may be the most extreme option, but it can have the best long term effect and allows you to furnish your room however you like! There are many service providers out there who can provide invisible window tints for your windows. It is not an inexpensive service, but the end result is that you get to furnish your space the way that YOU want, without worrying about fading and damage.



Lastly and most importantly, communicate with your sales consultant. Make sure that he or she knows where you plan to put your furniture. The questions they ask about furniture location is not to be nosy, but to make sure that they are selling you the best product for your environment. Ask questions, provide details, and realize that no piece of information is unimportant. You love the furniture when you buy it; we want you to love and enjoy it for many years to come.



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