What is the best way to clean my Coricraft slipcover couch?


All our slipcover couches are fully machine washable and should always be washed with a mild soap powder that does not contain a chlorinator substance. 


    • Machine wash: wash in lukewarm water on a gentle, hand wash or wool cycle.
    • Hand wash: wash in lukewarm water, also with a mild soap powder that does not contain a chlorinator substance.  
    • Professional steam cleaning: is not necessary, but is also safe. 
    • Drying: while your covers are still slightly damp, iron them on the reverse side with a warm (but not hot) iron. Never tumble dry your slipcovers or dry them in direct sunlight! 


To retain the shape of your slipcovers you can put them back onto your couch whilst damp. This helps them set more easily into shape and prevents creases. 


How should I clean my fully upholstered fabric couch?

Do not spot clean using water or any type of liquid cleaner – rather use a spoon to scoop up solid mess and dab any liquid spills with a dry paper towel. Professional steam cleaning is also extremely effective on all fully upholstered couches. 


Is it a good idea to have fabric protection applied to my fully upholstered or slipcover Coricraft couch and why?

Yes, we strongly recommend that you have fabric protection applied to both slipcover and fully upholstered couches. Coriguard Fabric Protection is a specially formulated product that prevents liquid spills from penetrating beyond the fabric’s surface. If liquid is spilt on the couch, the fabric protection's chemicals will turn it into a bubble on the surface which can then be easily removed. 


If your couch doesn’t have fabric protection, spills will be quickly absorbed into the fabric, possibly resulting in a permanent stain.

How do I clean up a liquid spill on my Coricraft fabric couch?

If you have Coriguard fabric protection, a bubble will form on the fabric’s surface where the spill occurred. Follow these steps to prevent staining:

    • Take a paper towel and lightly dab the bubble to absorb it. 
    • In the case of a food spill, simply scoop it up with a metal spoon and then dab the surface with a paper towel. 
    • For mud or soil messes, allow them to dry and then vacuum it away.
    • For slipcover couches, leave the cover on the couch until the next time you wash all the removable covers. 


How long does Coriguard fabric protection last?

For three washing machine or hand wash cycles, or two professional steam cleans. Speak to one of our consultants to find out more about Coriguard fabric protection. 

Can I leave my Coricraft fabric couch in direct sunlight?

Absolutely not. Under no circumstances should your couches or any other furniture be kept in direct sunlight. The fabric of your couches will fade even if you have had them fabric protected. 


Find out more about protecting your furniture from sun and lighting damage.





What is the best way to treat a spill or solid mess on my Coricraft leather couch?

If you want to protect your leather from staining and to keep it in good condition for longer, it is imperative that you have the leather protected with a professional leather protection product. 

    • For liquid spills immediately dab the area with a soft, dry cloth to absorb as much of the spill as possible.
    • For solid mess, gentle wipe it off with a soft, dry cloth. 


How do I maintain and care for my Coricraft leather couch?

The leather should be wiped regularly with a soft, dry cloth to prevent accumulation of dust. Apply an approved hide food every three to six months to maintain the leather’s soft feel and suppleness. We strongly recommend that cushions filled with Corifill are puffed up on a daily basis. 


Will a 100% genuine leather couch ever be free of any blemishes or hide marks?

Leather is a natural product with unique characteristics. It is impossible to avoid marks left by thorns, ticks or scratches of any kind. All hides are graded according to how many blemishes they contain. At Coricraft, we only use A-grade hides, but no hide can ever be free of all blemishes. This is not something to be concerned about because these blemishes give each piece of leather its completely unique character. Some manufacturers ‘correct’ hides by polishing them to hide blemishes and natural markings, but this actually damages the leather and reduces its quality. 





How do I care for my Coricraft wooden furniture?

Your first means of looking after your wooden furniture is to have it protected with a good wood sealant. Always clean your wooden furniture with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust. Never use commercial cleaners as it strips the finish on the item and makes it more susceptible to staining. 


What types of natural woods are used by Coricraft?

Reclaimed pine, Sheesam wood, Acacia, Rubber wood, Birch, Mango wood, Poplar, Alder / Bass wood. 


Will my wooden furniture crack?

When moved to dry regions, some of the solid timber units will tend to crack. These cracks are normal for timber once it dries out. If you do not want your items cracking it is best to select veneer products. Cracks are a natural feature of solid timber which can enhance the character and uniqueness of the unit. However, these can be repaired or filled by the customer if they do not want this natural look.


Generally, once a table has cracked, it should not crack again. But this cannot be guaranteed as it differs from wood to wood. Humid areas do not really have a problem with the cracking of woods; it is mainly in the drier areas such as the Gauteng province. 




How to arrange for a couch cushion refill?

A cushion refresh is free at our warehouses. They will weigh your original cushions and recycle the filling. Should you wish to add any additional filling, the cost will be R90 per kilogram.

It is advisable to make an appointment with the relevant warehouse in order to ensure that your wait is short.

Telephone: (011) 611-8700
Address: 1 Friedlander Street, Stormill ,Roodepoort
Cape Town
Telephone: (021) 508-5200
Address: 13 Moorsom Avenue, Epping
Telephone : (031) 701- 3448
Address: 35 Gillitts Road, Unit 9 Gillitts Road Industrial Park, Gate 1 or 4,Westmead ,Pinetown
Port Elizabeth
Telephone  (041) 581 0636
Address: 5 Caravelle street, Walmer ,P.E
Telephone: Mainhard 081 252 4211
Address: Unit 3 Epic Park, Gold Street, Prosperita, Windhoek

How can I get new slipcovers?

If you would like to replace your Coricraft slipcovers, find out how to measure your couch for new slipcovers here and then contact us to inform us of your request so that we can direct you on where to send your measurements. 



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