Dining Room Sets

If you’ve just bought your first home, or are upgrading your furniture, you may be looking for a complete dining room set. Buying a dining set from Coricraft is a great way to get all the furniture you need at a great price. We’ve bundled a number of matching chairs, tables, and even sideboards into sets that you can purchase for a complete look.  

Dining room sets: everything you need

Do you love to entertain? Do you throw big dinner parties for friends, and invite the whole family around for birthdays and special occasions? Or do you prefer more quiet, intimate meals with your family, where everyone can relax and chat about their day? Whatever your preference, a the space should provide you with a comfortable place to entertain, relax, unwind and enjoy a good meal. A great place to start is with the table. Are you looking for something very sleek and modern? Or do you prefer a classic look, with natural woods, lighter colours and a more relaxed feel? Start by deciding on the tone you want to set. It could be casual and comfortable, or contemporary and modern. You’ll also need to consider the size of a table that will fit nicely in your home. Can you fit an eight or even a ten seater table? Would a round table work better in your space? Once you’ve made a decision on the size and style, the rest of the pieces will follow suit. We’ve created a range of options that include rustic tables paired with comfortable, upholstered chairs with high backs that will help to create a warm, casual eating environment. We also have smaller, round, glass top tables with matching chairs that offer a more contemporary vibe, and suit a smaller, more constrained room. We also offer leather dining chairs and wooden chairs, all matched to suit our tables. When choosing chairs, consider how comfortable they will be for your guests and how easy they are to keep clean. If you have young children with sticky fingers, you may want to hold off on the fully upholstered chair option. Adding a bench could provide child-friendly, versatile seating to your space. If you have space available, a server or sideboard is a great addition. By adding a sideboard or server, you will add plenty of extra storage space as well as an additional surface for serving food. We have included sideboards in some of our dining suites, so that you can build a complete matching set-up, including chairs, tables and sideboard. If you select a dining room set without a sideboard, you can browse our extensive range of sideboards, servers and consoles to find the additional furniture piece that suits your room perfectly.  

All set for you to add the finishing touches.

We’ve made it easy to furnish your home by providing you with a diverse range to select from. Once you’ve made your choice, all you need to do to complete your look is to add a few accessories. Consider adding a mirror or piece of art to the walls, think about curtains for the windows, and add a vase, photo frames, or group of ornaments to your sideboard. If you’re looking to add a touch of drama, why not add a chandelier or lighting feature. A chandelier can really add impact to the room and will serve as a focal point. Candles in beautiful glass candle holders are another simple touch you can add to a to provide intimate lighting and a visual highlight in the room. Finally, spare a thought for the floor. Can you add a rug underneath your table? If you do, make sure it’s easy to clean as it may need to withstand with a spilled glass of wine or dropped bowl of soup. With a dining suite from Coricraft and a few personalised finishing touches, you’ll soon have a dining space you’ll be proud to show off. Why not celebrate with a dinner party for family and friends.  

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