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Sideboards and Dining Room Servers

A full dining suite is not complete without the addition of a server or sideboard. These versatile pieces of furniture offer both storage and serving space.  


The main difference between a sideboard and a server or console table is that a sideboard offers plenty of storage in large cupboards or draws. It usually has short legs, or even no legs, and sits close to the ground. Some people refer to a these as a buffet, because it was often used as the place where the meal was laid out, so that guests could help themselves. A buffet is generally used to provide storage for crockery, dishes, and tablecloths and napkins, as well as offering a surface on top for placing foods or decor items. Sideboards come in all sorts of styles including those made from reclaimed woods, giving them a rustic appeal, as well as sleeker pieces of furniture with very strong lines.  

Servers and consoles

Dining servers are similar to sideboards, in that they are used as a place to put food or decor items in a dining setting, but generally a server has much higher legs and small drawers, or sometimes, no drawers at all. A server is often referred to as a console table, although the term ‘server’ is generally reserved for a piece of furniture that is placed in the room, while a console table can be placed in other areas of the home. A console table is very often found in an entrance hall - the perfect place to throw your keys down when you enter the house. It provides a focal point for guests entering your home and looks great with a mirror above it and an orchid or plant placed on it. A console can also be used in other settings. It makes a great solution for a small home desk, bar area or bedroom vanity. It can even be used as a TV stand.  

Server vs sideboard in the dining room

When thinking about whether to buy a furniture for your dining room, you need to consider the amount of space you have available. A console table is generally much lighter and less cumbersome and is therefore a great option for a tight space. A sideboard on the other hand is great if you have the space for it, because it offers a lot of storage space. They offer a combination of drawers and cupboards, which allows you to store a variety of items. From table clothes, napkins and place mats, to special crockery, serving ware, extra glassware and more, you get a lot of storage space for dining room essentials. Many people use the extra space for storing extra household items too, like a sewing machine, art equipment or party decorations. This is also a versatile piece of furniture that can be used in different rooms of the home. It can be added in to an open plan setting to provide additional storage and a counter top for adding lighting and framed prints or photos.  

Styling your sideboard or server

Consider adding a mirror above your sideboard or server to open up your space and make it feel lighter and brighter. A round mirror can add an interesting twist as well. A beautiful vase of flowers or potted plant always looks great on a flat surface. Placing two table lamps on either end of the piece will not only help to vary the lighting in your room, it also looks great and adds an element of height to your sideboard or console. Framed pictures of family, or framed artworks add a personal touch.  

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