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    Silo 1.8m bench

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    Ari Bench (Black)

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Dining Room Benches

Coricraft offer a range of benches to suit your dining room table. Dining benches are a modern way of creating more seating while also saving on space in your room. If you’re looking for a versatile decor option, consider getting a bench. When most of us start furnishing a dining room, we begin with the idea of traditional chairs at each setting. But it makes sense to also consider the benefits of adding a bench, or possibly two, to your dining room set up. Benches provide a varied amount of seating and are great when you have a few extra guests around and need to squeeze in extra people. They also take up less space than traditional chairs. In fact, if you have a large extended family with lots of children, a bench is a perfect option to help you squeeze everyone in around the table during holidays and special occasions. What’s more, you can move a bench around very easily, so it can be moved from a dining area to a living area if you need additional space during a party or special occasion. This type of seating can also give your dinner party or event a comfortable, intimate feel, because you are sharing a seat with friends and family. Benches don’t clutter a room. Because they lack a back, they won’t make a small room feel more cramped and cluttered. They can easily be tucked away, or tucked away when not in use, so this is a great option if you are pressed for space. dining room benches can be used in other settings too. Consider adding one in your kitchen, which will provide adaptable seating in this busy room. Or perhaps you have a window in your home that you could place one beneath? A bench makes a fantastic window seat or reading nook, especially if you add some soft cushions or padding. They are also very useful outdoors. You can add one to your outdoor setup, or simply have one available that can be moved into the right position when you have friends over for a braai. They are also wonderfully easy to clean. Unlike fabric upholstered seats, they can generally handle the roughest wear and tear, spills and accidents, without looking any worse for wear. It might be a good idea to consider a mix of seating around your dining room table for added flexibility. You can place a bench on one side of the table and have chairs on the other. This versatile setup ensures that all guests can be catered for and can offer a great option for children. When setting the table, and preparing to have guests around, pull your benches out, so that the front lines up neatly with the rest. This is the optimum setup which will ensure that your guests have plenty of place to put their feet, while still being able to easily reach the table. While dining benches are a great addition, they do have the disadvantage of not having a back, and therefore won’t provide support to people with back problems who may prefer to sit on a traditional chair. They also have the disadvantage of being rather hard to get in and out of if you’ve got the middle seat. But these disadvantages aside, it makes a great choice for limited space and they offer a flexible and adaptable seating option. Browse our range of dining benches online or visit your closest Coricraft store today.  

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