Kitchen stools

No matter how many rooms you have in your home, it seems like everyone always gathers in the kitchen. The kitchen really is the heart of the home, and generally, it’s where all the action happens. So, when your friends and family end up gathered around the kitchen counter, make sure you can seat them comfortably. Counter stools (or bar stools) are perfect for seating in the kitchen. They offer a comfortable place to sit while chatting over a cup of tea with family or friends. Families can gather around the kitchen table at breakfast time, grabbing a quick bite before rushing out the door, and children often do their homework perched at the counter. When choosing bar or kitchen seating it’s important to consider the height of your counters. Most counters are built to a height of roughly 920mm and therefore a chair with a seat height of around 650mm will fit perfectly under the counter. When choosing seating to fit in with your kitchen, consider not only the look of the design, but also the practicality of the piece. A kitchen counter stool without a back might look sleek in your kitchen, but it can be uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time. If you plan on eating meals in the kitchen or spending more time there, think about getting a chair with a comfortable back. Upholstered or padded seating is generally more comfortable than a plain wooden seat, but upholstery can get dirty, especially if you have children eating meals on the kitchen chairs. Families with young children should perhaps consider a leather or wooden seat option.  

Bar stools

Bar stools are the perfect addition to the bar area in your home. They can provide seating around a bar counter or bar table and offer guests who come to visit a casual and social seating option. A typical bar counter is usually around 1070mm tall (just over a meter). This height can vary slightly, but generally a bar counter is higher than a kitchen counter. Look out for the footrest. A good bar chair always has a footrest which helps to make seating more comfortable. Bar stools come in a range of styles and shapes, with more rustic options and modern looking pieces. A timeless wood bar style will look good in a variety of settings and suit both a modern design and a more classic look. Chairs with a round or oval back design have an elegant, classic appeal, while plain wooden bar chairs, with a leather finish look, have a more modern and chic appeal. A bar chair with a back rest will offer more comfort than one without, so consider comfort when buying. Make sure that the piece you purchase is well made - you don’t want to get home and then find it hard to sit on because it’s wobbly or unstable. Coricraft offers a wide range of both bar and kitchen stools. Whether you’re looking for a classic wooden stool to suit a country kitchen, or a modern barstool in a leather finish, Coricraft has an option to fit your needs.  

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