The shape of the corner couch that will work the best for you
is largely going to be dictated by the amount of space that you
have available in your room.


Here is a guide to understanding your corner
couch shape options


L-Shape Couch / Full Corner Couch
Most Versatile

As its name indicates, this corner couch takes on an L-Shape, it usually
is two sofas merged together at the end to form a right angle.


You’re most likely to find a three-cushion style connected to a two-cushion style. The
L-Shape design is the most versatile of corner couches and can be found in a corner or
floating in the middle of a room. Some of the Coricraft popular L-shaped couches
include the Kirsty, Lodge and Santorini.

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Curved Full Corner
Sculptural Appeal

The Curved Full Corner couch brings sculptural appeal
to a space - keep in mind, it’s not your best bet when it comes to small spaces as
it cannot quite fit into a corner, you’ll have to position it a bit farther out into the room.
The Breen Full Corner Couch is one of our most popular Curved Full Corner couches.

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Slouch Corner Couch
Relax and Enjoy

A Slouch Corner Couch is essentially a couch with a daybed or
extended ottoman to one side. You have the option to select
a right hand facing or left hand facing option.

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Double Daybed Corner Couch
Fill up on Comfort

If you have a huge space to fill, or if you just want to get as much seating out of your sectional as possible the U-shape ot corner double daybed style is for you, it is ideal for fostering conversation.

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Modular Corner Couch
Effortlessly Stylish

Modular couches come in a range of sizes and have many benefits -
because they combine various pieces in one unit, they are relatively
compact, maximising the space in a room.
Due to their flexibility and versatility, modulars can be set up in different configurations,
and sometimes you can create your own combinations.

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