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Leather is a timeless material used throughout various Coricraft ranges. It is versatile, fitting in with any décor style, and still holds its own as a truly classic piece. So why should you consider having a couch, dining chair or occasional made for you in your choice of 100% genuine leather?  






Leather is a natural and porous material, just like our skin. This means that it ‘breathes’ by absorbing up to 15% of its own weight in humidity / water. Because it absorbs and releases moisture that never stays on the surface, it is able to adjust to our body temperature making it cool and comfortable during the heat of summer and warm and pleasant in the cold of winter.



Leather is made even more comfortable due to its supple nature and the fact that it conforms to your body shape. As leather ages, it becomes even more supple – which is why your leather couch will be your favourite place to relax for many years to come.








Each leather hide is completely unique, with its own distinctive markings and characteristics. This adds to the character of the piece and makes each purchase truly special. 





Leather is not only supple, but strong – with its natural elasticity giving it high ripping resistance and legendary tear strength. That’s why it is renowned for standing the test of time while still looking great!







If your leather furniture has its protective topcoat, it will be easy to maintain and keep clean. Just like our skin, leather has tight, strong fibres that prevent the penetration of dust, lint, cigarette smoke and animal hairs.


Because of this, it is an ideal choice for those who are dust sensitive or have allergies.





Your leather furniture is also easily cleaned using a lint-free cloth (do not use soap or water), and can be kept looking beautiful using Coricraft approved hide food once every 4 to 6 months. 








It's not hard to see why we love leather, and why it is a great choice for any home. Browse our range of 100% genuine leather furniture here and don't forget that we have a huge choice of couches that can be made for you in your choice of leather. 






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