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Pedestals For Sale

A pedestal or nightstand are perfect examples of pieces that have a dual-function purpose in both its form and function. There is no point in having a beautiful pedestal beside your bed if you can’t reach your lamp. You also want to choose something that will complement your bedroom décor beautifully. With our complete bedroom ranges we’ve made it easy for you to choose a pedestal that will fit in with your interior style, but also provide practical space for your storage needs.

We recommend choosing your bed and larger furniture pieces first, and then start browsing for your bedside tables. Our bedroom ranges include beds, mattresses and bed sets, chests and tallboys, pedestals, mattresses, headboards and bed combos. With our extensive range you can easily choose your bedrooms look from one of our ranges or mix and match individual bedroom pieces. Visit our website for regular updates on bedroom furniture ranges and bedside tables for sale.  

Height and Size

The ideal height for your table is approximately the height of your mattress. This will make it easy for you to reach anything on your table, as well as create a visual straight line across your bed. If you’ve found pieces that you love, but they are not exactly the right size and height, make sure they are at least higher than your bed base rather than lower. It will look more visually appealing than a table that is too low and will also make it more difficult for you to reach your lamp.

Keeping your bedroom furniture in proportion is always a good design principle to follow. A large bed will require a larger bedside pedestal. If you have a very small room and a large bed, squeezing in small nightstands might make your room feel cramped. If you have a headboard, we recommend choosing ones that complement the headboard.


The benefit of having a matching pedestals is that it will make your bedroom look neat and well put together, but there is no rule against choosing two different bedside tables and it can give your room an eclectic and interesting look and feel. If you do opt for two different designs, keep in mind that there needs to be one continuous element to ensure that they work together and don’t look misplaced.

Our products are made from different materials to suit different styles. Our solid wood pedestals will suit classic, traditional and more modern and contemporary settings. Also choose from light and dark wood sets depending on your theme. Solid wood is durable but be mindful of accidental spills on the table top. Wipe and clean any spills immediately to prevent stains being left behind. Depending on your bedroom style and the look you are trying to achieve, don’t be afraid to choose something with some texture and a unique look, it will add style and personality to your room.


A table lamp is perfect for a bedside table and if you have the available space, it’s a must for your bedroom. We recommend choosing a lamp that has a switch on the cord so that you don’t have to lean over the bulb or base of your lamp. Make sure that your lamp is not too big or too small for bedside table. It’s always best to keep your lamp in proportion with your nightstand and make sure you buy a lamp that will still leave you enough space for trinkets, books and other bits and pieces. For a minimal and simplistic look, you can always choose hanging pendants or wall-mounted bedside lighting as this leaves room on your nightstand for smaller decorative items.

Styling tips for your pedestal

Some greenery in your bedroom creates a soothing atmosphere. Decorating your pedestal with some freshly cut flowers or some of our faux greenery and flowers will add texture and colour to your bedroom. Generally, it will be small in size, which means that there is limited space and if you need a bit more storage we advise selecting from our ranges that offer extra storage options and drawers for your convenience. Select from pedestals with multiple drawers and open shelves.
If you have extra room, a framed photo and personal trinket will add some warmth and character. An arrangement of small artworks, picture frame or mirror above your table will create a beautiful focal point in your space.


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