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Coricraft Mattresses

Good sleep is vital to health and productivity throughout your day and your emotional and physical balance depends on how well you sleep. We’ve therefore created custom made mattresses to give you plush comfort and firm support that will make you feel well rested throughout the day. Create your perfect bed with our selection of mattresses and choose from various sizes to suit your needs.

All our mattresses are manufactured specifically for Coricraft and are of the highest quality built with a flame- and water-resistant polyester foam. Covered in a luxurious and plush premium stretch bamboo fabric which will give your mattress a silky soft finish. Your mattress is a long-term investment for your bedroom and should be well thought through before making a purchase. 


Mattress size

Before choosing the size of your mattress make sure to measure your bed accurately. If your mattress does not exactly match the dimensions of your bed, it will permanently be displaced and might shift slightly which will affect the effectiveness and comfort of your mattress. 

If you are choosing a base and mattress for your bedroom, make sure to buy a size that is big enough for you. You should be able to move and sleep in the position that is the most comfortable for you without feeling constrained. Take this into account when making your purchase. 

We have king, queen, three-quarter, double bed and single mattresses to choose from, as well as standard and extra length mattresses for extra comfort.


Coricraft Mattress ranges 

Before selecting your mattress, keep in mind that we offer different types, levels of firmness, as well as different prices to suit your budget. Our foam mattresses are made with different spring systems to give you different levels of comfort. Select from Bonnel, Pocket and Nested pocket springs within our mattress range to give you the best option that will suit your needs. A very firm mattress is recommended for people who need additional pressure on the spine, but if you have a sensitive back, a softer mattress is recommended for better blood circulation throughout the body. It is highly recommended to research which mattress will give you the best orthopaedic solution for your body.

Take a look at our range below to find a mattress that will suit your needs. 


  • Prince

The Prince mattress is our entry level mattress and is our best value mattress. Made with a Bonnell spring system, giving it a strong structure. The Bonnell springs used in the Prince mattress provides better stability and more flexibility, making it a favourable option. It is a very durable and supportive mattress.


  • Baron

The Baron mattress has a pocket spring system. What differentiates the pocket spring system from our other systems, is that every spring is individually packed and reacts independently, in other words two people are sleeping on the same bed, there will be no movement. This makes our Baron range very comfortable and the perfect fit for a couple.

  • Duke

The Duke mattress has 3 comfort layers including a layer of latex foam, high-density soft foam and a layer of high-density firm foam. Combined with our pocket spring system and heavy-duty pocket edge guards, the Duke mattress is an extremely comfortable and high value mattress.


  • Emperor

The Emperor mattress is extremely comfortable and comes at a slightly higher price, but will give you years of plush and luxurious comfort. Made with a nested pocket spring system to give you a high-tension spring mattress and an extra layer of high density peeling foam for added comfort.


Caring for your mattress

As with everything in your home, the better care you take of your mattress, the longer lifespan it will have. To extend the lifespan of your mattress, purchase a mattress protector guarding it from spills and dust, as well as give your mattress another layer of comfort. Remember to also turn your mattress regularly, we recommend at least four times a year, making sure to distribute the wear of the mattress evenly. Follow the core instructions when rotating your mattress as not all mattresses are designed to be turned. Lastly, when cleaning your mattress remember to rather use a vacuum and don’t use any fluids or liquids that will make the mattress wet.

Have a look at our range of mattresses for sale online.


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