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A headboard provides comfort and warmth in a bedroom and is both a practical and beautiful statement. Choosing the right design will not only provide comfort, but also allows you to add character and flair to your bedroom layout. At Coricraft, we have a range of headboards for sale, and have designed our bedroom ranges in such a way that you can easily mix and match styles or choose from complete bedroom units and ranges. If you do not have a clear idea as to what type of design you are looking for, we suggest starting off by planning your room and collecting ideas. If you have already chosen your bed frame, have a look at our wide variety of fully upholstered fabric, 100% genuine leather and solid wooden headboards to suit your chosen style and needs. While putting together your ideas for your bedroom, browse through our range we have available online or take a look at our wide range in stores. This will help you find inspiration, as well as give you an idea of our different prices to suit your budget. Keep in mind that this can impact the feel of your whole room and although it might not be your primary focus, it will definitely help you be creative in your design style.  

How to choose your headboard

Start off with picking the style that will complement the look and feel you are going for in your bedroom. Think about the shape, size, colour and fabric options that will best suit your needs. It is important to choose something that will tie in with the rest of your furniture. The more detailed you can bring in, the more drama it will add. A stylish headboard with a simpler design opens up more possibilities of creating different themes. 

Size and shape

Larger headboards can create a very bold statement, but if your ceiling is too low a shorter style will be a better option and won’t overpower the rest of your room. Be careful to not choose a design that is too high or wider than your bed. Measuring your bed and wall height will help you with your decision and avoid spatial issues when installing.  

Colour and material

The next element to take into consideration is the colour and fabric of your headboard. If your wall colour is very dark opt for a design that has a contrasting colour to create a focal point and not just blend in with the rest of your wall. The type of material will also impact the style of your room. these padded headboards add a softness. An upholstered finish will give you a cosy surface to lean on when sitting back in your bed and reading. Our studded detail and deep button designs create a classic look and add dimension and interest. A 100% genuine leather headboard will give your bedroom a very sleek and stylish look and is both durable and easy to clean. We have exotic and classic leathers in various colours and textures available. Our wooden and modern headboards will also suit a wide range of different themes and styles, from rustic to classic. Browse through our natural and dark wood options and choose the piece that will work the best for you.  

Practical considerations

Think practically before buying. It not only needs to be comfortable, but also practical, resistant and hard-wearing, and aren’t regularly replaced. We therefore suggest going for good quality with a timeless design. Visit our website for regular updates on our headboards for sale or visit us at a store near you.  

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