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Beds For Sale

After a long, hard day, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as curling up in a soft, warm bed. It should be a relaxing cocoon that you can retreat to, a warm and comfortable spot in your home that you could spend all day enjoying.

Coricraft have a wide range of beds for sale, so you’ll have no trouble finding the bed of your dreams - which will provide you with the perfect spot to dream for many years to come. But with so many great options, where do you start? We take a look at what you need to know when buying.  

First consider the size

For many people who are looking for something new, bigger is better. A king size bed has plenty of space to stretch out in, making it a luxurious choice. But you need to consider how well it will fit in the room. It’s no good getting the biggest one you can, and then hav-ing to squeeze around it every time you enter and exit the bedroom. You also need to consider your current mattress size. Upgrading will mean upgrading your mattress too - not to mention all your sheets and duvets.

King and queen-sized beds are best for couples, although a double can work too. If you're particularly tall, you may want to look at getting an extra length bed. The standard size is around 188cm in length. If you’re taller than that, you might find your feet just don’t fit, and it’s worth considering extra length. But again, an extra length base needs to be paired with an extra length mattress, sheets and duvet.

Next, decide on a style

When you enter a bedroom, the frame and headboard normally form the focal point of the room. Above all the other pieces of furniture in the room, this is the one most likely to draw your eye and make a statement. A beautiful four poster bed can make a room look grand and stately, while a sleek, dark wood frame can look bold and dramatic.

Coricraft’s range comes in many different shapes and sizes. From classic wooden sleigh beds to rustic light wood frames, upholstered, to four-poster, there’s an option for every style.
For a modern look consider a contemporary design made in solid wood. For something a little more classic and comfortable, look out for fully upholstered styles with a deep button headboard. A weathered-looking wood will add a rustic vibe to a room, and an uphol-stered leather look bed will give your room a masculine feel.

Think about complementary furniture

Consider the rest of the furniture in the room when deciding on something new to sleep on. Are you going to replace the pedestals too, and do you need a chest or dresser in the room? If you are buying additional furniture, you can look at getting a matching set from the same range. By buying from the same range, you know the pieces will fit well togeth-er. But remember, some of the most successful home decor looks include the mixing of different pieces to create a harmonious style. You could for example pair an antique dresser with a modern, solid wood bed to create a look that is unique and your own. The most important thing is to find pieces that you love and know will work well in your space.

Consider the quality

A good quality frame will last you for many years to come. Solid wood is a fantastic option for durability, as it requires no maintenance, and looks great for decades. Upholstery, while built to last, can get dirty over time especially if young children are in and around the bed often.
A frame has to support your mattress and your sleeping body, so it needs to be well built and sturdy.

A good night’s sleep starts here.

Coricraft offers exceptional quality beds for sale at good prices. Shop our range online right now.  

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