Bedroom Linen

Coricraft offers a great range of bedroom linen, perfect for any bedroom. Shop our range of bedroom linen for great quality bedding sets and sheets. Your bedroom should be as stylish as it is cosy. Our bed linen offers a wide range of textiles and designs that will complement modern to traditional bedrooms. Choose from essentials such as fitted sheet sets, mattress protectors as well as duvet cover sets to suit your needs.


Mattress protectors Your mattress should be an investment, and your mattress protector should act as an investment to protect that investment. Our mattress protectors will slow down the process of inevitable wear and tear, as well as keep away dirt and dust to extend the life of your mattress. It also adds extra cushioning and support that will make your bed irresistibly plush. Fitted Sheets Your fitted sheet should cover both your mattress and your mattress pad to provide a soft surface to lie on.


Choose between poly cotton, 100% cotton or washed cotton, as well as different size options to suit your needs. Our fitted sheets are made from premium quality fabrics that are incredibly durable and keeps its look after many washes. Duvet At Coricraft we offer a variety of different fabric designs that are versatile and stylish. Our duvet covers are made of 100% cotton, washed cotton or poly cotton that are both durable, long-lasting, breathable and soft.


When choosing your bedding, opt for comfortable fabrics that complement the colours and prints in your bedroom. Lastly, liven up the colours in your bedroom with some decorative pillows to complete your bedding look. Your Fabric Selection Your bedroom linen is the closest to your skin when you sleep. It’s important to choose superior quality bedding sets to make sure you are comfortable throughout the night. Our premium cotton linen ranges are available in 100% cotton, poly cotton and washed cotton. Polycotton fabric is a mixture of cotton and polyester strands. The cotton and polyester strands are woven together to form what is known as a poly cotton fabric. Cotton, a natural fibre, is known for its breathability that helps keep your body temperature more regulated throughout the night.


Our cotton bedding sets are available in a variety of colours and rich textures to create a beautiful bedroom. Washed cotton is made of cotton fabric. Its surface colour and texture become softer after treatment, but it will still allow you to feel its original fabric. If you’re looking for bedroom linen for sale, have a look at our wide range available and select items that are perfect for your bedroom.

Curtains Ready Made Curtains

Coricraft offers a stunning range of ready-made curtains for sale in a range of styles and quality materials. Shop our range of home curtains online and in store. Curtains are both functional and decorative items to add to your home and at Coricraft we offer styles that will complement the decor of any room in your home. Our colours range from soft and neutral shades to on-trend colours and textures. Our ready-made curtains will help you create modern to traditionally styled looks in your rooms without any effort.


Choosing the right curtains for your lifestyle needs Our curtains will easily blend into most rooms, while also making a visual impact by adding a finishing touch to your décor scheme. When choosing curtains by colour, consider more neutral tones or complementary colours that are from the same colour tones that you’ve already used in your home. If you need your curtains to suit your lifestyle habits, we have curtains that come in different fabrics and thickness to suit different needs. If your home needs more natural light, our sheer curtains might be the best option. If you prefer a darker room for your living room for lounging in front of your TV, then our block out curtains will help create a darker room to suit your needs.


Sheer curtains Sheer curtains will allow the most light through the fabric during the day. This means that its mostly see through and if paired with opaque drapes can create a more formal look in your room, as well as keep rooms private when needed. Textured curtains Our textured curtains are available in different hues that will effortlessly blend into different backgrounds and settings.


A textured curtain will help you create an interesting aesthetic if you are looking to create some interest in your room. Block out curtains Our range of block out curtains are the ideal choice for those wanting to block out early morning sun or avoid a glare on your TV when lounging on your couch over the weekend. Our durable and dual-function block out curtains will help reduce the sun coming into your room, making rooms cool in summer and keeping heat inside during winter. How far should your curtains hang from the floor? Ideally your curtains should just touch the floor or hover between 2cm and 2.5cm above them. This is the general rule, although each room is different, and you might need to break the rule depending on the style or look for each room.


We have a selection of extra length and standard length curtains available to easily choose an option that will suit the length that you need. Another tip is to also remember to opt for curtains that are at least two times the width of your window. This will create a fuller and more plush look, as well as the illusion of wider windows. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook your home curtains when decorating or revamping.


By paying attention to your window treatments you’ll easily be able to add personality to your entire space. Take a look at our wide range of curtains online to suit your lifestyle and needs.

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