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Decorative wall art

Artwork adds the finishing touches to your decor scheme and injects some of your personality into your home. Choosing the right artwork can be tricky - with so many options available, you can be overwhelmed by choice, and you may find choosing something that you will enjoy for years to come harder than you anticipated. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Choosing wall art and wall decor for your home

When selecting art for your bedroom, remember that a bedroom should be a retreat and a place of relaxation. For this room, choose artwork that is calming with softer tones. Large format, abstract pieces work well. Don’t overcrowd or over-clutter the walls with too many pieces. Keep it simple with a single piece that really appeals to you. When decorating your living room walls, consider one large statement piece or add various sizes and create a gallery wall. By using a collection of three or six frames, you can create an impactful statement in your room. Add a large canvas artwork or framed print above your fireplace to create a striking focal point. You can also hang one above your couch. Don’t be afraid of scale - go for a large piece, roughly two-thirds the width of your couch. Artwork can also be successfully displayed in your bathroom, kitchen, office and playroom. Consider adding fun canvas wall art and prints in your kitchen or playroom, while keeping art in the bathroom more serene. Think outside the frame. Wall decor shouldn’t be restricted to frames and canvases. You can also add an oversized clock, animal antlers, metallic plates and trays, or decorative wall panels to your scheme. Coricraft stock a wide variety of wall art and decorative artworks for your home. Visit a store near you or shop online now.  

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