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Vases and jars are a great and inexpensive way to change up your home decor and add colour to your home. Add a small piece to a tabletop or place a large piece on the floor to add visual interest to a corner of your home. Vases look great in a range of different places in the home. A coffee table or side table is an obvious spot to place one, but don’t forget about mantle pieces, console tables, servers, dressing tables and open bookshelves. Bud vases are great for brightening up a small table in your home. Grab a small cutting from your garden - a beautiful rose, or even a sprig of herbs - and you’ll immediately add fresh beauty to your home. Larger pieces can be used with flowers or without. A traditional glass vase looks best when filled with a bunch of flowers, but statement pieces made of pottery, ceramics and frosted glass will work just as well without any filling. Consider grouping in sets of three to create an interesting visual effect. By placing three vases of different shapes and sizes together will instantly create an interesting look on your coffee table. If you have a large glass vase, why not add a massive leaf from your garden for a statement arrangement that will last for weeks. Philodendron or Delicious Monster leaves are perfectly suited for this look.  

Decorative jars

Decorative bottles and jars can be used in a similar way to add interest to your space. Easily change the look by changing the filling. A large floor jar is perfect for placing in front of a fireplace, or in a lonely corner of your home. There’s no need to fill it with flowers, but you could consider adding decorative elements like sticks or branches. Large glass jars are a popular choice right now and we have many styles available. Go for painted pots that have interesting designs and patterns and group them together for an impactful look in your room. Visit a Coricraft store or shop online to see our range of jars and vases for sale.  

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