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Decorative Tabletop ornaments

Tabletop ornaments and accessories can really add depth and visual interest to your room. What’s more, you can easily and cost-effectively change accessories to suit different seasons throughout the year. After selecting the large pieces of furniture in your home, artwork or mirrors for the walls and a rug for the floor, it’s time to consider smaller decorative touches that can really make a room feel personal and lived in.  

Coffee table ornaments

Decorating a coffee table requires balancing art and function - you want it to look beautiful, but it needs to be a functional piece of furniture in your home.

Here are some fun decorative ornament ideas:

Start with a tray. A large tray can be used to keep items together and unify your look, but it’s also a functional item that is long-lasting.

Add beautiful coffee table books that you want to display. Stack them up to add height to your arrangement.

Think about adding a small lantern or tea light holder. A burning scented candle will help to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Introduce a vase if you’ve got fresh flowers. You can also use a small vase to display simple cuttings from your garden. You could also add a small pot plant to bring a fresh element to the space.

Place a decorative piece or two on top of books or on a tray to add visual interest. Items like large paperweights, statuettes, mini globes and clocks can all be added. Stick to one or two table ornaments or accessories to not overwhelm the space.


Dining room ornaments

Dining table ornaments should be easy to add or remove as you use the space for different purposes. A set of candlesticks or small lanterns will create height and visual interest on your dining table. A vase of flowers is another classic centerpiece. You don’t need to clutter the space with too many items as you still want the table to be functional and easy to clean. Other areas where you may consider adding these accessories would be the kitchen and bedroom. A large bowl that can hold fresh fruit generally makes a great kitchen table ornament. In a bedroom, consider a beautiful frame or interesting clock as a bedside table ornament. If you’re looking to add a personal touch to your home, consider Coricraft’s range of tabletop accessories. Visit a Coricraft store or shop online to see the range of ornaments for sale.  

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