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  1. Iron Box
    Iron Box

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  2. Willow Basket, Natural
    Willow Basket, Natural

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  3. Kalene Basket, Large
    Kalene Basket, Large

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  4. Lombok Square Basket
    Lombok Square Basket

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  5. Pablo 5 Hook Hanger
    Pablo 5 Hook Hanger

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  6. Mason Box, Burn
    Mason Box, Burn

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  7. Tula 4 Hook
    Tula 4 Hook

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  8. Traveller Suitcase
    Traveller Suitcase

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  9. Grantham Trunk
    Grantham Trunk

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    Lola Magazine Rack
    Lola Magazine Rack

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  11. Deco Magazine Rack
    Deco Magazine Rack

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Decorative home storage

Without effective storage solutions in your home, you’ll quickly find the clutter building up. When looking for home storage, consider the many decorative options available that are both functional and stylish. Every home could do with a range of decorative storage solutions to help you manage the clutter in your home.  

Decorative baskets

Baskets are versatile storage solutions that are practical in every room, allowing you to keep surfaces, from tabletops to floors, clean and free of clutter and trinkets. If you have young children who scatter toys in your living or sitting room, consider a beautiful wicker or woven basket. Toys can simply be piled into the basket, cleaning up your space quickly and easily. If you often use throw blankets in your home, they can be neatly kept in a basket when not in use.  

Chests and trunks

Perhaps you have a selection of photo albums, or a number of cords and wires for various electrical devices. A decorative chest offers a practical solution. A large trunk has the added advantage of performing like a coffee table or side table. Smaller decorative boxes for keeping small items look stylish while sitting on a coffee or console table.  

Magazine racks

Magazines and papers can make your living room look cluttered and untidy. Be sure to pack them away neatly in one of our fashionable magazine racks.  

Storage solutions for sale

Coricraft’s storage solutions allow you to add functional, but stylish storage space to your home. Browse our diverse range of baskets, boxes, chests and hooks, available in various shapes, sizes and designs.  

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