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Couch throws and blankets

Displaying a sofa throw or blanket in your home

A beautiful throw or blanket is best displayed neatly folded over one arm of your couch. You can also drape it casually over the back of your couch - try putting it off-center to create a lived-in and relaxed look. Try giving a thick knitted blanket a gentle twist and drape it carefully over your couch. If you have a large blanket that’s comfortable for snuggling on a cold night, but not really the kind of blanket you want displayed in your living room, consider rolling it up and putting it in a natural basket at the foot of your couch. When looking for a throw for your TV room or living room, consider the texture and colour of the item. A bright throw can work if you’re looking to introduce colour to a neutral room. A neutral throw in an interesting texture, like a herringbone or a thick wool knit, will look particularly beautiful and add texture to your room. Classic patterns are perfectly suited for traditional rooms. Quilted blankets complement both traditional and eclectic schemes. Cotton throws are generally quite light, making them a good option for adding interest to a room without overwhelming it.  

Couch throws and blankets for sale

Visit your nearest Coricraft store or shop online to see our latest range of beautiful couch throws and blankets.  

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