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Room dividers

Open plan spaces are very popular at the moment, but they are not always practical. So how can you add privacy to a room without closing it off with a wall? Consider a room divider that can help to define different areas, hide unwanted clutter and be easily moved when necessary.

Beautifully crafted screens created out of carved wooden panels can add interest and depth to a room. Consider adding one to separate a small office space from the rest of your living room or use one to separate your bedroom and changing areas. A wooden room divider can also be used in a room with no built-in storage to hide an open storage area or shelving. The carved panels can be easily folded up and packed away when you wish to open up your space. They can even be used as an interesting headboard idea in your bedroom.

Coricraft stock a number of panelled dividers that can help you demarcate and seperate your living areas. Visit a store near you to or shop online now to find your perfect divider.

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