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Wall mirrors

Mirrors are one of the most useful home accessories. They can draw light into a room, making it look bigger and brighter, and they can add visual interest to a space, creating a striking focal point. Whether you’re looking for an ornate piece with a classic frame, or a simple chic design with a wide bevel, we have various options that will suit every space and style.  

A few ideas for placing wall mirrors in your home

Consider putting a mirror on a wall opposite a window so that you reflect the outside space on another wall in your room. An oversized mirror placed on the floor can really help to open up a space, providing floor to ceiling glamour. While one large wall mirror may suffice in some spaces, consider grouping a bunch of small ones together to create a gallery wall. Add one to a hallway or passage in your home. Passages are often dark spaces that just connect rooms in a home. The reflection of light can help lighten dark areas in your home. If you have a chandelier in your room, a carefully placed wall mirror can reflect the light from the chandelier, adding more glamour to a room. They can even be used outdoors to create the illusion of more space in your garden. Most bathrooms will have one over the sink, but consider adding a mirror wall behind your bath, or placing a statement piece on one of your bathroom walls. Frame walls with bold, eye-catching frames where you want the mirror to be the real star of the show. Consider striking metallics like gold, silver, bronze and rose-gold. If your space is more classic, a wooden frame can look natural and organic. Round wall mirrors are very popular at the moment. Framed in bronze, it will look great as a focal point in your bathroom. A set of three will also make a statement on your living room wall. Oval and triangular mirrors are visually different and interesting. When looking to decorate a modern space, don’t be afraid to try a new and interesting shapes. They don’t always have to look shiny and new. Antique styles have an aged look which can add interest and beauty to a space.

Every room could do with one. From the bathroom to the entrance hall, the bedroom to the living room, a mirror can add glamour to any space. Visit a Coricraft store or shop online to see the range of wall mirrors we have for sale.


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