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Outdoor rugs and carpets

When decorating a patio or outdoor area, an outdoor rug will completely transform the look of your space. Traditionally, when you furnish a balcony, veranda or patio area, you’ll start with a table and chair set, but to pull the look together, consider adding one of our outdoor rugs. These can add texture and interest to a patio area. Our outdoor carpets are available in a range of colours and designs.  

Things to keep in mind when purchasing an outdoor carpet or rug


Outdoor materials are usually made of synthetic materials like polypropylene or plastic, or natural materials like seagrass or jute. Polypropylene is available in a range of colours and designs. These are generally easy to clean and maintain. They are also light and easy to roll up and move around. Natural fibre rugs are strong and sustainable, but they should be used in covered and protected environments. Ideally natural fibres should be kept dry and shouldn’t be exposed to harsh sunlight.

Size and shape

Be sure to measure your patio area before choosing a rug. It can help to define different areas outside - consider dividing your patio into casual seating and dining areas. Large carpets make more of a visual impact than smaller ones, keep that in mind when measuring your space.

Colour and design

With the wide range of options available, it can be as much fun decorating the outside of your home as the inside. Consider a bold design or colour if you want your patio to look warm and inviting. A beautiful blue or green will blend in with your garden and give your patio a calm and tranquil feel. A neutral beige shade will blend into the background, providing a beautiful backdrop for the rest of your patio setting. Bold geometric designs and intricate patterns look great in most areas, so don’t be afraid to play with patterns outside. Consider pairing an outdoor rug with bright cushions in a similar pattern or colour.

If you’re shopping for a rug or carpet for your home, you’ll love the range available at Coricraft.


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