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Indoor rugs and carpets

A beautiful area rug can uplift a whole room, adding both visual interest and comfort.  

Current trends for indoor rugs

Indoor rugs featuring geometric patterns are currently very popular. Carpets with hexagonal diamond and trellis patterns look great in a modern home. A striking design on the floor can add depth to the space and create a focal point in an otherwise neutral room. Rugs with more traditional design are perfect if you don’t want to replace the rug too often. Classic rugs will add elegance and timeless beauty to any space. Abstract designs are also on trend at the moment. Designs featuring abstract patterns and a mix of colours provide an interesting backdrop to a decor scheme. If you have a natural style we have neutral colours that will add a rustic look to a room and bring the beauty of nature into your home. Jute and seagrass materials are made of 100% natural fibers and are environmentally friendly and relatively inexpensive. While natural indoor carpets are neutral in colour, their beautiful textures make a statement.  

Choosing the right rug for your home

One of the biggest mistakes people make in decorating is to choose something that’s too small for their space. An indoor rug that stops short of your couches can actually make a room look smaller. So, make sure the piece you choose really fills your space, either extending behind your couches, or at least stretching past the first feet of your couch. A rug can be used to define a space and if you have a large open-plan living area, it can create the illusion of dividing space between a seating area, passage area and dining area. Consider the length of the pile of the carpet. A low-pile is easier to clean and can be more durable than a high-pile. But longer pile designs are warmer and more luxurious. They are more comfortable under foot and can make the room look more inviting. Keep your pets and children in mind. A light coloured, high-pile might be hard work to maintain if you’ve got a dog that sheds and brings in dirt, or children who are constantly walking over it with dirty feet. Instead, a neutral coloured rug with a repeating pattern might be a better choice for a busy home full of pets and kids.

If you’re shopping for a rug or carpet for your home, you’ll love the range available at Coricraft.


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