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Ceiling lights

When it comes to creating a warm, inviting home, lighting is an important factor that should never be ignored. Ceiling lighting will affect the mood of your room - too bright and a room can look stark and sterile, too little and the room will feel dingy and dark. Using a combination of ceiling and ambient lighting in the room will ensure a well-lit space that is both comfortable and welcoming. 

Things to keep in mind when purchasing ceiling lights:

Room purpose

When will the room you are lighting be used? If you are installing a fitting in your kitchen, you need the lights to be quite substantial, as you’ll often find yourself in the kitchen at night, and you’ll need plenty of visibility for cooking.

Lighting type

Generally, you get three lighting types: task, ambient and accent lighting. Ceiling lights normally provide ambient light - they illuminate a large area. Accent lights concentrate brightness in a particular direction. For example, a wall sconce might accent a particular work of art on a wall or illuminate a fireplace area in a room. Finally, task lighting provides useful illumination for performing a specific task, like a bedside lamp that allows you to read in bed.

Ceiling height

If you have very high ceilings, you can consider bigger light fittings as they won’t dominate the space, but for rooms with lower ceilings, keep the size of your fittings in mind.

Light design

You need to choose a fitting that works with your space. Consider the style and theme of your room - is it modern, rustic, eclectic or traditional? Then select fittings based on the room style. A clear glass pendant light, for example, will look good in a modern room. Glass fittings won’t overpower a room and can be used in smaller spaces. A statement brass pendant will complement larger spaces. Consider grouping three together over a kitchen counter to create a real focal point in the room. Wooden light fittings will feel right at home in a more traditional space.

Lightbulb type

Once you’ve selected your lights, be sure to find the right bulbs. New LED lightbulbs come in a variety of tones and strengths. You need to find a bulb that will light your space without overpowering it. Generally, in a bedroom, select warmer tones that are more restful and will create a soft, comfortable atmosphere. In a kitchen, or room where you need brighter lighting, you might choose blue tones.

Coricraft stocks a wide range of modern ceiling lights and pendant lighting which can be used throughout your home. From striking brass fixtures to glass and wooden pendants, there’s a beautiful range on offer.
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