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Lanterns & Candlesticks

When adding accessories to your home, be sure to consider a set of lanterns or candlesticks. These pieces will have a wonderful effect on the atmosphere of a room. They are warm and inviting and add a touch of romance to your space. Adding these beautiful accessories to your home is a simple and affordable way to change up your home décor, whilst creating a beautiful visual effect.  


These are versatile accessories. You can use them indoors or outdoors to create a beautiful romantic look. Here are a few ideas for using them effectively in your home:

Lanterns always look good grouped in sets of three. You can select three of the same size, or the same design in different sizes.

Three arranged in the center of the dining table will make an interesting and romantic centerpiece.

Use them in front of your fireplace. Even in the middle of summer, you can create a look reminiscent of a cold winter’s night in front of the fire by adding some lanterns full of burning candles.

Line lanterns up along stairs. Create an inviting entrance to your home by lighting every second or third stair.

A pair of lanterns look beautiful on a coffee table. They stack well on top of coffee table books to add different heights and create visual interest.

Place a matching pair on your console table to create a symmetrical focal point.

They can also be used to enhance your outdoor space. Use them around your swimming pool for a beautiful play of candlelight and water.



Candlesticks are a more traditional home accessory. Compact pieces are easy to pack away when not in use, and quick to set up when looking for a simple way to spruce up your home decor. Normally they are grouped in pairs but using a single candlestick can look great when grouped with other accessories. Candlesticks look visually appealing on a dining room table. You can also place them on either end of your mantel piece or on a coffee table to create some interest. Visit a Coricraft store or shop online to see the range of lanterns for sale. This cost-effective home accessory can add a touch of romance to your home.


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