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Lamp range

Our lamps will not only brighten your space but will also allow for beautiful displays that will complement every room in your home. Bedside table lamps are an essential element of bedroom decor. Add bedside lamps that won’t overwhelm your bedside tables. Create harmony and balance by adding lamps on both sides. Table lamps are also a popular choice for living rooms and lounges. We spend a lot of time in a living room, for this reason, lighting needs to be both functional and useful. Living room lamps can be used to light a dark corner or provide specific task lighting for reading or watching TV. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Clear glass bases with a rounded design, will look great in a classic setting, while metallic designs can suit a more contemporary scheme. Look for wooden bases if you want to complement a natural look. Floor lamps are another option for living rooms and lounges. These lights can be moved around to wherever you need more lighting. Desk lights make a great addition to a home office or a study area, providing sufficient lighting for studying or working. At Coricraft we stock a wide range of table, floor and desk lamps. Visit us in store or shop online for the perfect lamp for your home.  



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