Buying a couch can be a major investment in both time and money. This, coupled with it being the most visible piece of furniture in your home, the focal point of your living room, and the area where your friends, family and visitors will gather, can make the decision quite daunting! Here are 5 simple tips on what to consider to help you choose the perfect couch for your home, family and lifestyle needs:






To find what will be a good match for your home, consider what your couch will be used for, where it will be going and who will be using it.  Take your pets into consideration and determine whether it will suit the style and design of your home, and, of course, your budget.




Make sure that the couch you are buying is the correct size and scale for the room it will be located in. You should be aiming for the couch to fill the space without overwhelming it. Consider a corner couch if you have a larger family or a two and three seater should a corner couch hinder the flow of the room.  




A quality frame and solid legs are vital. We've got you covered - all our couches come with a 10 year guarantee on the frame! (Find out more here). High-density foam is a good choice for filling; as well as our specially designed Corifill cushion filler that is springy, fluffy, non-allergenic, lightweight and voluminous, providing the best quality and utmost comfort. Find out more about our Corifill here






Slipcovers are hugely popular due to their great value and ease of cleaning. Slipcovers are machine-washable and can be replaced every few years or whenever you want a new look.


Fully upholstered couches are also easy to clean, and are available in a wide range of styles, colours and textures, making it easy to find something to suit your decor taste. 


Although slightly pricier, 100% genuine leather couches are truly an investment piece and offer a timeless style with the unique character exclusive to leather. 






Neutral colours work best in most homes and can be dressed up with scatters and throws. Go for a bold and bright colour if you want your couch to be a focal point or make a statement, but ensure that the rest of your home furnishings are simpler and more demure in nature. Ask for swatches to take home and sample before you make your final decision.




"Don’t forget about that oversized comfortable Coricraft couch – think Kirsty, Manhattan or Elliot - for a delectable afternoon-nap. 

Slipcover couches are also the perfect way to give your couch a new look for the new season, simply switch covers to suit your preferred colour and décor theme. 

Corner couches, or couches with daybeds are certainly making a big comeback, and are extremely versatile and great for entertaining guests as it allows for additional seating and sometimes an extra bed." - Megan Morgan, Coricraft furniture buyer.




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